I’m busy. Aren’t we all? But I find that I’m not interested in being the typical frumpy stay-at-home homeschooling wife & mom. I want to be THAT woman. The one who everyone says,” Wow! You don’t look like you just had a baby!” The one who eats well, but not perfectly. The one who exercises, even in tough seasons. The one who dresses well, even in lean seasons. And the one who can seduce her hubby all over again with just a wink & an eyebrow.

My husband didn’t sign on to marry someone who doesn’t care enough to live a healthy life. We own a growing business in our community and I want him to be proud to introduce me to people he knows. He even brought in a client the morning after I just had my third child to see the baby (we DO also know him from church :D).

It’s a journey I’ve been working on for years and I’m just starting to feel fairly confident with my clothing. I NEVER have “nothing to wear.” My closet isn’t huge (to some), but I wear & like everything in it. If I don’t, it goes.

Over the last year, I’ve been working on learning the make up gig. While I’m no expert, I’ve learned a few things and figured I would share what I’ve learned.

Over the next however-long-it-takes, I’m going to share everything I know & have learned about fashion & beauty. For busy moms. It will be quick because we don’t have a ton of time. It will be green-ish (trying to avoid the most toxic chemicals in cosmetics) or it will be cheap. Most moms I know don’t have a movie star budget, either :). It will also NOT be DIY…unless its crazy quick.

My plans are to share resources, tips & favorite things on makeup, clothes, nail polish, facial care & more.

Feel free to Pin or bookmark this post–I will be updating it as I post the series.


  1. Colors
  2. NOVICA $25 Jewelry Giveaway
  3. Bare Minerals 101 – Face: The Basics
  4. Beauty Magazine Reviews
  5. 3 Spring Trends That Best Fit Into a SAHM’s Wardrobe
  6. Fashion Forward & Functional — On the Sailboat with Land’s End
  7. 3 Makeup Trends for Busy Moms – Spring 2014
  8. Four Minute Mani’s for Mom’s
  9. IPSY Glam Bag Reveal – June 2014 {Video}
  10. July 2014 Julep Maven Box Reveal – Classic With a Twist {Video}
  11. 3 Steps to Looking Put together by Having a Signature Style – Jewelry {with a Nativity Stones Review}

Thanks & I hope you enjoy! If there is a burning question you’ve always had, leave me a comment. I can’t promise I’ll have an answer, but if I do, I’ll share it!





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