Like I mentioned, we do Pirate Week in a big way :).   I pulled several ideas for pirate-themed food into a giant list.  If you don’t do Talk Like A Pirate Day, these would be great for a pirate birthday party, too.  Enjoy!


Cap N Crunch Cereal
Breakfast Cookies or Muffins (Mom’s Island Treasures)
Pancakes (Sand Dollars)
Doughnuts w/cinnamon sugar (Sand Piles)
Stuffed French toast (Treasure Chests)
Piña Colada Waffles w/Rum Sauce from Alton Brown
Sausage links or Bacon (Pirate Planks)
Strawberry syrup (Blood or Ruby Sauce)
Pop tarts (pop t-arrrrrts)
Hard boiled eggs (harrrrrrd boiled eggs)
Egg cooked in the hole of a piece of toast (Pirates Eye)



Goldfish crackers (Shark Bait or Catch of the Day)
Cheese balls (Canon balls)
Pirates Booty snacks
Pretzel sticks or rods (Swords)
Blue chips & guac (Tortuga Chips & Seaweed Slop)
Grapes (Canon balls)
Red fruits, like strawberries, cherries, cranberries (Rubies)
Celery sticks w/pb & raisins (Pirates on a Ship)
Veggie sticks (Peg Legs)
Black Olives (Canon Balls)
Cheese cubes (Gold Nuggets)


Meat/Main Dishes

Chicken or turkey legs (Parrot Legs)
Pig Roast
Pigs in a blanket (Pirate Fingers)
Hot Dogs, add a sail on a wooden skewer (Hot Dog Ships)
Hot Dogs, slit down the length in 8ths, then cooked (Octopus)
Hot dogs, cut in half, slit in 8ths, and cooked (Squid)
Chicken nuggets (Golden Nuggets or Gold Dubloons)
Fish n chips
Fish sticks (Peg Legs)
Sandwiches (Scurvy Sandwiches) — use sword toothpicks to hold together
Pizza (Pirate Pizza)
Mini pizza, with faces made our of toppings (Pirate Pan Pizzas)
Pasta Alfredo w/green fettuccini noodles (Seaweed Pasta)
Spaghetti w/tomato sauce (Sea Snakes w/Shark’s Blood)


Side Dishes

Salad with dried cranberries or cherries, golden raisins & pecans (Treasure Salad)
Melon balls (watermelon, honeydew, cantelope) (Canon Ball Salad)
Breadsticks w/Marinara ( Swords or Billy Bones Biscuits with Blood Sauce) — make them x shaped
Mac n cheese (Golden Treasures)



Root beer (Frosty Ale)
Red fruit juice ice cubes in lemon-lime pop (Sharks Blood)
Smoothies (Pirates Grog)
Chocolate milk (Buccaneer Brew)
Regular or sweet tea (regular or sweet sea water)
Lemonade (One Eye Pucker Juice)
Fruit Punch/Juice (Ruby Punch)
Green Punch (lime sherbet, pineapple juice, lemonade, lemon-line pop) (Green Grog)



Gummy worms (Octopus Legs)
Butterscotch (Golden Nuggets or Gold Dubloons)
Jello-O with fruit & gummy treats (Ocean w/Sunken Treasures)
Gold & Silver Hershey Nuggets
Chocolate Gold Coins
Whoppers or Peanut M&m’s (Canon Balls)


Do you have a pirate-themed food idea to add?


Jen S.


2 Comments on The Big List of Pirate-Themed Food Ideas {Pirate Week}

  1. Caroline
    26 September 2017 at 9:16 AM (7 years ago)

    My son loves pirates. I should try making some of these with him. They all look so delicious


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