I may have mentioned this before, but the most important thing you can do is to get your colors done. Do this before you do ANYTHING else.

Why Know Your Colors?

It will help focus your efforts. Knowing your colors & having swatches available when you shop will have you money. You won’t waste money on clothes that wash you out of make you look ill. You also won’t walk around in makeup colors that make you look like a clown.

I suggest that you get this done in two ways–and neither of these are affiliate links, BTW.

Missus Smarty Pants

The first is to get your color profile done. The easiest way I have found is Missus Smarty Pants. It’s $10 and you send in two pictures & answer some questions and she will tell you your season. While you are there, you might as well get the bundle & get a body profile & subscription, too.

Makeup Colors

Second, go to a M.A.C counter (found inside select Nordstroms), and have them get your foundation shade. This will also give you an idea of whether you are neutral, cool or warm complected. It will also allow you to read makeup reviews and have an idea of how a shade of whatever will look on you — most makeup reviewers mention it.

You could also try the new Pantone Color ID system newly developed by Sephora.  It will give you a skin tone number which you can then put into Sephora’s foundation database to find your perfect matches.  I’d love to try this!


So. Go get your colors done. Get a list of complementary makeup & clothing colors. Meet me back here :).





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