So I didn’t take an unboxing video this fix. Frankly, I just didn’t feel up to it.

StitchFix 3 revealed with pics and names

This time around, I changed everything to a small / 4 because most often that’s what I wear. This was determined by trying on 50+ items from different brands at Kohl’s. Not all fit great, but a bigger size just wouldn’t sit right. I have big arms & big thighs and just need to go with that.

That being said, I kept 2 things because hubs told me to. I had talked myself into sending them all back.


Bradley V-Neck Blouse
Cost: $68

This wasn’t a bad shirt but it was a little tight in the upper arm. And it was kind of shapeless. Seems to be a StitchFix style staple but I do need some flowy-er shirts to balance out my skinny jeans. But this wasn’t it. Great color, not awesome fit.


Aniss Chambray Top
Cost: $58

I really wanted to love this. I’ve been wanting one & loved the roll sleeve option. But it was too tight in the bust & arms and there was NO way to make it comfy. Bummer.


Perlata Spike Gemstone Necklace
Cost: $28

Ick. Moving on…


Gisele Bootcut Jean
Cost: $128

I think my photo-bomber is cuter than the jeans :).  I bought these but almost sent them back. They are just a hair too long. I need to hem them about an inch and I can only wear with heels. They are pretty rockin’ :). Hubs told me to suck it up & have them altered. Ahem.


Morgen Skirt
Cost: $54

I liked this skirt but almost sent it back because I have a ton of them. Hubs loved the way it draped & how soft & silky it was so it stayed, too.



I have a bit of a conundrum. Two boxes of size small shirts resulted in too tight shirts due to the favored fabrics of StitchFix (I.e. Non stretchy/non-knit). My size medium box = way oversized shirts. Maybe that is better for the fall clothes though? I noticed the same problem with similar shirts in the stores. Maybe I will try medium again & hope for the best because I. need. shirts.

I feel like I’m totally overthinking this :). How about you?

How much energy do you spend to get clothing that fits properly? Or do you not bother? Am I the only one who hate buying clothes because my size changes on a regular basis?

Go here to get your own StitchFix box!

Jen S.

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