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So. I got my first fix on Wednesday. I may never go to a clothing store again. Seriously. If you are unfamiliar with StitchFix, for $20 a stylist will send you 5 pieces of clothing/accessories. They send you cards showing 2 different ways to style them & you can try them on with the items in your closet, in normal light, with the appropriate shoes. You have 3 days to try on & pay for or return the items.

Stitch Fix Revealed - July 2015

It’s higher end clothing so the full box will probably cost around $200 minimum, just as a ballpark. Mine was $186 & I selected as cheap as possible for accessories, and $50-100 for everything except outerwear, which I was willing to spend more on. Your $20 stylist fee goes toward anything you keep and if you keep it all, you get a 25% discount, which often makes one dud worth keeping.

You send them social media links & even set up a special Pinterest board to give them an idea of your style. And if you buy the whole box but have an item you don’t like or change your mind, there are FB boards dedicated to buying/selling SF items by size.

So, with that bit of detail out of the way, here is what was in my first box. I told them I needed some tops that look like I tried & are nursing friendly. And darker is better. And wash & wear please; no special laundry instructions.


Item: Kahlo Embroidered Solid Tank

Cost: $38
Verdict: LOVED this shirt. Wished I had realized that I am no longer a M. It was just too big & there wasn’t a small available. Great color for the shirt & embroidery. Just. Too. Big. And totally my fault for not paying enough attention to the fact that I’ve lost a bit of weight. Bah.



Item: Beckett V-Neck Blouse

Cost: $48
Verdict: Meh. Didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it. It’s also too big, but the fabric felt nice & it was not something I would have tried normally.


Mayfair Stone & Gem Necklace
Queensland Dolman Jersey Top
Haiden Straight Leg Jean

Cost: $48, $48 & $88 respectively
Verdict: Loved the outfit together, but I didn’t love the necklace enough to pay for it. I would have worn it if I kept the whole box, for sure.


Likes & Dislikes

At first I was bummed to see the dolman top because I’ve tried those on before & looked silly. I love the way this one looks. The color is great and it’s so soft.

The jeans fit fab! I’ve been wanting a pair like this, so I’m glad they came to me :). They will be great for the fall transition which will start sometime next week, right? Hubs wasn’t sure about the cuffs but wasn’t about to argue with fashion. Ha!

Overall, I really loved my StitchFix box. If I had paid attention to my actual size & didn’t just go with habit, I probably would have done a bit better. It’s probably better for my budget that I didn’t :D.

I also requested wash & wear and that didn’t really happen. 3 of 4 clothing items were hand wash, including the shirt I kept. I decided I liked it enough to add it to my limited hand wash pile (which goes in my front loader on hand wash) after deciding WHY it was probably hand wash only.

Nicer clothes = better care. Sigh. So much for lazy laundry!

BTW– I cut my head out of the pics for 3 reasons. First, my 7 year old daughter took the pics and some of them had funny angles. Or light. No idea what she did on #2 to light it up like that. Second, to show the clothing detail. Third, I had a greasy head from my dandruff scalp mask, which works fabulously, but I need to wash the oil out twice. And didn’t.

Think StitchFix sounds awesome? Go get your first fashion fix!

What did you think of the clothes?

Jen S.

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