12 Apps of Christmas {@CatholicMom.com}

Everyone has heard that the song The 12 Days of Christmas was written to teach about 12 points of doctrine of the Catholic faith when it was outlawed in England.   I wrote a post about 12 iPhone/iOS apps that are related to each of the 12 doctrines of the faith referred to in the song.

12 Apps of Christmas

So I am just a little bit obsessed with the 12 Days of Christmas. I try really hard to make Advent, well , Advent, and so when Christmas comes, I want to milk it for all 12 days worth! That’s a lot of celebrating when everyone else is totally over it. I am always looking for things related to the 12 days of Christmas, both from the catholic liturgical calendar and from the song meanings tradition.

I would like to present the 12 Apps of Christmas, one for each of the 12 Days of Christmas. I would like to mention that while I found all these apps, I did not buy & install them all, so do your own research before purchasing them. My iPhone is old and full :).


Go read about all 12 iPhone apps at Catholic Mom.com!

Jen S.

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Quick & Easy Christmas Meal Hacks {@ Successful Homemakers}

Feeling overwhelmed about Christmas dinner?

No worries!  I shared 6 of my favorite meal hacks over at Successful Homemakers last week.

christmas meal hacks

How are you feeling about the holidays? Are you starting to feel a little harried and stressed and wishing it was over? If you are, I have a few tips to help make cooking on Christmas quick and easy.

Visit Successful Homemakers to read all 6 tips for hacking your Christmas meals!

Jen S.

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Awesome Pre-Order Bonuses When You Buy ‘Living Well, Spending Less’

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of the book from the author in exchange for participation on her launch team.


So I’ve been (ever so slowly) working through Elite Blog Academy and had the opportunity to participate in the launch of Ruth’s new book.  I had been reading her blog for a while…before her post about taking her kids toys away went viral.   Anyway, I liked her blog and volunteered to be a part of her launch team.


If you aren’t familiar with the blog, Living Well, Spending Less, Ruth started it to keep herself accountable when her spending started to cause marriage problems.   In the beginning, it was a savings blog dedicated to buying awesome things at rockin’ prices.   But then she realized that living well had very little to do with the stuff she was buying (albiet for less than ever before).

Her book Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life, is more than just another financial book.  It’s part memoir, part examination of what the “good life” really IS, and some quick and easy ways to spend less.   It’s an awesome book and I plan to re-read it again before it’s available again in a few weeks.


If you are starting to think about changing your life, financially or otherwise this coming year, I really think you should get a copy of Living Well, Spending Less.  And if you pre-order one, two or 5 copies, there are some awesome bonuses you can get — a 156-page home planner, art work & necklace (if you buy 5 — book group, anyone?)



Living Well, Spending Less is really going to help get 2015 off to a great start.  And affordable too–the Kindle is only $5.99 and you will still get the pre-order bonuses.  How cool is that?

Are you planning ahead for next year?  What resources are you using?

Jen S.

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Favorite Christmas Books – Kids Choice (2014)

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  Thanks for your support!


christmas picture books kids choice

Each year, I try to get new Christmas books for the kids because, well, books are my thing :). I love everything about them. I don’t even mind the cost of them! The last few years, I have shared new (to us) favorites. This year, I want to share my kids favorites.

The Little Man – 18 mos


We have had this board book version of Frosty the Snowman for awhile & no one really liked it much. Until this guy. The pictures are cute and he loves to hear us sing it. If you are a purest, you might not like it because the verses & refrains are not all exactly in the same order. I don’t mind and neither does The Little Man.


Itty Bitty – 4 years


Itty Bitty’s favorite book is a new one this year, Elsa’s Gift. This is a large format padded pseudo-board book about Anna & Elsa (from Frozen) getting ready for Christmas. Elsa keeps trying to make & do all these things to show Anna how much she loves her when all Anna wants to do is spend time with Elsa. Cute, but not one of MY favorites :).


Lil’ Bit – 6.9 years


My not quite 7 year old likes another new acquisition — The Legend of St. Nicholas. This is another beautiful hardcover from ZonderKids. This is very similar to The Legend of the Candy Cane that I reviewed last month. This is the story of a young boy who goes shopping for presents on Christmas Eve. He pokes his head in the child care room (I want to shop there!) and hears Santa telling the children about St. Nicholas. It’s not quite the version I know.

Instead of it being the Turkish bishop (or even the VeggieTales version), its a wealthy & privileged young man whose parent dies. In talking to his “friends” he realizes he can help them with his wealth and then goes around giving to others. Parts of it are the same and parts are…off. I’m not a huge fan, but obviously Lil’ Bit is a fan because she picked The Legend of St. Nicholas above half a dozen other beloved favorites.


Interested in more?  Check out these other posts about Christmas picture books at Happy Little Homemaker:


What are your favorite Christmas books?

Jen S.

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Preparing For Your Child’s Baptism {Me…Elsewhere!}



Do you have a baptism coming up and feeling unprepared?  A few months ago I shared this post over at CatholicMom.com…


I am a planner/list maker. If you could see the lists I made before baby #3 was born, you would either be impressed or nauseated at the level of detail involved. One of the first things I start to consider as I get further along in my pregnancy, is the baby’s Baptism. In fact, I usually start planning the Baptism before I even think about delivery. If planning for sacramental celebrations (like baptisms or first communions) or even a birthday party causes a cold-sweat, you will want to pin this article and save it!

Go read all of Preparing for Your Child’s Baptism over at CatholicMom.com!


Jen S.

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