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I really like Land’s End clothes. They always have great timeless pieces in current colors & prints. They are always comfy & the quality rocks. And on the off chance you get a dud? Their guarantee can’t be beat.

When I got their summer preview catalog (in February!), I was discussing my new swimsuit options with hubby and sailing came up. Hubby has sailing on the brain and we bought a boat at the end of summer 2 years ago and because we built a garage & had a baby last summer, it hasn’t seen much use. I think this will be The Year of the Boat.

While looking for a swimsuit, I noticed several functional, yet fashionable items that I simply must have if we are to spend the summer sailing. (Imagine that in a Goldie Hawn Overboard voice). So here we go!

1. Water shoes

Not just any water shoes but ones comfortable enough to walk around in for part of a day and then walk right into the lake with and onto the boat. And shoe looking enough to stop and eat out in. They have both a bungee sneaker style and Mary Janes. I went with the bungee style. And even during pregnancy shoe sizes don’t change so I’m okay with investing in these!

2. A good swimsuit

Preferably a two-piece. Facilities are a little…erm…rustic on our small boat. Lets not strip entirely just to go potty, ‘kay? Oh, and it has to fit well! No cheapo Walmart, Target, K-Mart suits. No riding up, no falling down, no constant adjustments. There are lines to attend to, children to watch and being preoccupied with your swimsuit ruins the fun.

3. Rash Guard Shirt

Sailing=long days on the sun-reflecting water. To avoid having to wear a cumbersome coat or sweater, I’m opting for a long-sleeved rash guard. I’m not a fan of sunscreen. Or cancer. So a rash-guard works for me. Bonus use? Stylishly adding a layer of warm when a cool breeze comes up :).

4. Quick dry sport shorts

You know how your guy gets out of the water and spends 15 minutes standing in the sun & he’s dry & ready to leave? And you are still too wet to sit in the car 3 hours later? Well, these shorts won’t take care of the bottoms of your bathing suit, but if you only have to go into the water partway to get the boat in the water, you will at least dry quicker! And you can wear them if you need to stop somewhere.

5. Ruched Sport Visor

Everyone needs a way to shade your face, but due to wind, a sunhat really isn’t the way to go while sailing. A visor works best and this one is super cute. I’m just really sad that it only comes in black or I would totally buy one. Black is not a good color for my skin tone. Is it really so hard to hit both warm & cool skin tones when choosing colors for items?

Bonus– A Canvas Bag

Okay, so you don’t wear this one, but have you ever had one of the Land’s End canvas bags? They rock! I would recommend the zipper and they are not waterproof but are super sturdy and will last for EVER and can take all the weight you can put into them. Seriously!


What do you consider essential to your boating wardrobe?

Jen S.



P.S. Land’s End doesn’t know I exist and had nothing to do with this post. But I’m all about one stop shopping & being as functional (and cute) as possible so there you go.

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  1. Brenna
    4 April 2014 at 2:04 PM (8 years ago)

    I don’t boat, but I just had to agree about the canvas bags – those things are indestructible; I have multiple that I couldn’t get along without!
    Brenna┬┤s last blog post ..A Long Overdue WIP List


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