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Am I the only one who cannot walk through the makeup department of any store without wanting to buy something?  All those tubes and bottles and compacts are beautiful, shiny and so full! of! potential!

One thing that keeps my impulses in check is that I’ve become a bit of a makeup snob.  Totally in a good way. I’ve noticed that more expensive makeup works better.  And as a busy mom, spending 5 minutes dorking around with a crappy eyeliner doesn’t happen.  It has to be good and good the first try.  And last.

That being said, I adore Julep nail polishes for just that reason.  The coverage on most shades rocks.  Because seriously, I get one shot.  I don’t get a base coat, 2-3 color coats and a top coat.  Here’s how to do a 4 minute mani for busy moms:


1 minute or less – Pick a color & sit down.

Grab one of the newest bottles of Julep nail polish from your monthly Maven box.  (Julep doesn’t know me from Adam.  I just LOVE their stuff and have been a Maven for well over a year.). Go sit at the kitchen table.  Grab a bill or napkin or whatever is handy to prevent destruction of your table in the case of a spill.   As an aside, the swatch stickers on the lids are crazy handy.  LOVE that idea!!

1 minute – Paint Your nails

I think my favorite part of Julep polishes is the brush.  I’d been using Julep exclusively for months before I started getting practically free polishes from drugstores.  Oh the agony!!  The Julep nail polishes are 4-free and have the best brush ever.  Seriously, with some, one swipe will cover from edge to edge.  And I’m not petite, just so you know.

Now not EVERY color has rockin’ coverage.  Like all nail polish brands, the light pastels have a tendency to be streaky in one coat.  But for textured, metallic, and most mid-range shades I would pick, one coat will do ya.


1-2 minutes – Dry

Whatever your favorite dry method is, go for it.  Blow dryer, blow, lightbulb, whatever.   If you are still a bit tacky, try the quick dry drops.

Now I am one of those people whose nail polish is usually gone in a day or two. Julep polishes have lasted as long as 5 days without base or top coats.  Julep nail polishes are standard by which I judge all polishes.  They are seriously that good.

And yes, before anyone asks, I DID time this whole process.  If I could take a movie and paint my nails, I totally would have done it.   They were dry in 1:30 and painted in 1:10, in the interest of full disclosure.  I used Julep’s Lani, a turquoise color.  It was a little streaky being one of those milky type polishes but it was good enough for me.

Do you like to have painted nails?  If you could do it quicker & have them last longer, would you do it more often?

Jen S.




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