So this StitchFix post is not going to be nearly as awesome as last time.  I should have had my jr. photographer help.  It was a really bright day and every photo I took was crazy dark.  Well, that and the clothes are black so they are kind of hard to see anyway.

stitchfix 2 revealed august 2015

Anyway, here is my second fix from the lovely folks at StitchFix.


Item: Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

Cost: $58?

august 2015 fix - black shirt


It was okay.  I liked the brass details (hubs didn’t), but the sleeves were cut funny and I’m not a fan of that old lady feeling polyester.  And I don’t like black near my face.  I should probably mention that.


Item: Rizzo Skinny Pant

Cost:  $98

stitch fix august 2015 - pants



I liked these.  They were styled and detailed like skinny jeans but were not made of denim.  They were loose, but not too big and they were tight but not icky tight.  They will be a great alternative to sweats in the winter!  Keeper!


Item:  Crescenta Henley Top

Cost:  $58?

Stitch fix august 2015 blue shirt


I kind of liked this shirt.  It was NOT a stretchy fabric though.  It was a bit tight in the shoulder/armpit area and I had to do a weird shimmy to get out of it though it went on fine and fit okay.  Overall, it just didn’t fit well enough to justify $58.  Moving on…


Item:  Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan

Cost:  $68

Stitch Fix - August 2015 - sweater


LOVED this.  It was a soft gray t-shirt type fabric, but has an awesome asymmetrical motorcycle jacket-like zipper.  It’s edgy and cute.  And a great layering piece.  As I write this, it’s less than 70 outside.  Already.  Ugh.


Item: Marlon Structured Bucket Bag

Cost: $48?

NOT PICTURED.  Sorry. Check out the video to see it.

Cute, but not cute enough to keep unless I kept the whole box. Which I didn’t.


Overall, much better than shopping at the store when I have to pay a sitter to do it and they are still getting an idea of my style and *I’m* still trying to get an idea of my size.  I have another one scheduled to come next week because I am in desperate need of clothing that FITS.

Interested in trying your own box?   Use my StitchFix referral link and give it a try!   Your support helps me fund pay a baby-sitter so I can share posts like these :).

Have you tried StitchFix?  What was your favorite item?

Jen S.





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