So every fall, I get into this drunken sailor fashion binge. It’s not so hot that I just need to wear as little as possible while still being decent. Nor is it so cold that all I want to do is curl up with a blanket. It really is the perfect season to look good.

Any-who, while on this binge I decided that I needed a little guidance on where to spend hubby’s hard earned money. Where to turn? Fashion magazines, of course! They are cheap, easy & have TONS of ideas.

But there are. a. ton. Seriously, it’s almost the biggest section in magazines! I decided to read them all. Well, maybe just most of them. Call it an experiment for the benefit of you lovely ladies :). Ahem.

What follows is a description of seven easy to find women’s fashion magazines. I’ve shared a little bit about each fashion magazine and why I like it (or dislike it) as well as what the subscription cost was per the card inside as of August/September 2013. Please keep in mind that this aimed at busy MOM’S. This is not taking into account how teenagers, career women or older women may view them, but for women who have busy, kid-filled lives from age 20-ish to 50-ish. I hope this helps you to find a magazine (or two) that you can get great ideas from.

Oh, and a bonus? I can tell you that InStyle, People Stylewatch & Allure all offer free digital copies with a print subscription. Talk about being on the cutting edge!


People Stylewatch – This is my favorite. It’s packed with clothing, jewelry & accessory ideas using real people & Hollywood stars as examples of what to do — or not. It does a great job of teaching how to do a trend in real life. Not as cheap as the others, but well worth it! $1.50 per issue for 2 yrs or $1.75 per issue for 1 year per September issue offers.


AllureAllure – this has been my favorite beauty magazine. It’s ALL beauty/fashion & it’s accessible to everyone. It’s inexpensive & references a range of pricing for brands. And there is no objectionable material inside. Great for busy moms who are looking for realistic advice & don’t have all day to spend on it. And it’s cheap to subscribe to. Bonus!

InStyle – Another great beauty magazine with nothing else to muck up the enjoyment (’cause frankly, sex advice columns really turn me off). Extra thick, InStyle provides beauty advice, outfit ideas, trends, how to’s and other great articles. Subscribing isn’t as good unless you and a friend split it, but I would totally subscribe–just waiting for space in my budget :). $25.87 for two 13-issue subscriptions per card in August 2013 issue.


LuckyLucky – another good beauty magazine, but not among my top 3. Again, no objectionable material but the products are a little higher priced. But they have awesome giveaways and provide great outfit ideas to try to find elsewhere. Reasonable subscription rates here, too — 20 issues (2 yrs) for $15. If you purchase by the issue, go to Target for a scan code to win a shopping spree (on the cover ).


GlamourGlamour – Another THICK magazine with tons of product, fashion & accessory info. The biggest dislike, for me, is the sex columns. I don’t promote pre-marital sex & birth control is not welcome. Reading articles like that turn me off & since there are plenty of good fashion/beauty magazines without them, it’s not worth it to me. If you don’t care, it’s a fine one with reasonable subscription rates $12/yr (12 issues).

VogueVogue – Junk. Completely impractical for busy moms. Ads are all designer brands that are not in MY budget & I feel like I’m on the higher end of income for most blogging moms. The articles are about Hollywood types who have money to wear the designer clothes from the ads and are mostly irrelevant to people like me. Pass on this one.


Harper’s Bazaar – an odd mix of high brow & everyday brands that doesn’t feel snobby. Once you get past the designer ads, there are plenty for normal brands. Has a lot of great visuals of what’s in/out & outfit/wardrobe building. I couldn’t/wouldn’t buy anything featured, I could look for similar items while shopping. Great subscription rate, too. $12 for 2 years on the card in the September 2013 issue. I’d subscribe if I had more time–the content & price match up in my opinion.


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Do you read any fashion magazines?  Which ones?





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