Disclaimer: I received a necklace in exchange for an honest review.


Life has changed since before I had kids. In fact, hubs just asked WHY I seem to care about fashion & clothes so much more now than before we had kids. The answer was simple.

  1.  I married an awesome guy and don’t want to be that frumpy, worn out, unhappy mom that makes childless people thankful for their contraception.
  2. We own a successful business and I can’t be caught schlepping around like a slob in case we run into clients or members of the business community while we are out.
  3. He works hard to run that business and make a good impression. I want him to be proud to introduce me to people we see.

Is it vanity? Not really. The reality is that your appearance helps make a first impression. Even the infamous Proverbs 31 woman clothed her family in purple and her husband was respected at the city gates.

One of my favorite ways to look put together is with accessories. No matter what my weight, pregnancy status or what have you, accessories like shoes, purses, scarves, hats & jewelry always fit. My favorite accessory is jewelry and my favorite jewelry is usually religious. It’s pretty and makes a statement about who I am, if you are paying attention.



Nativity Stone Jewelry

Recently, the folks at Nativity Stones sent me a beautiful necklace from their Nativity Stones jewelry collection. The Church of the Nativity is built over the cave where it is believed that Jesus was born. In 1963, workers removed a portion of the wall to allow visitors to exit the manger room. Stanley Slotkin noticed this and asked if he could have the pieces being removed. Many were given to charitable organizations and sick people in hospitals, but recently, they have begun to make jewelry with small pieces of the wall inside.

I was sent a beautiful piece of this jewelry–the Classic Nativity Stones Cross. The cross itself is coated in 18k gold and is designed to be worn by either sex, making it a wonderful graduation or confirmation gift. The classic cross is generously sized at 1-3/8″ x 2-1/4″ and includes a quality 22″ rope chain. If you prefer something a little smaller, they make a petite version that is only 7/8″ x 1-3/8″. In addition, they have a simpler Carpenter’s Cross that is coated in silver. It’s stunning to look at! Each piece of jewelry comes in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity and a pamphlet sharing the story behind Nativity Stones.

photo (1)

For the last few months, I have been wearing the Classic Nativity Stones Cross to Mass on Sunday’s. My baby loves to finger it while he nurses and its sturdy enough that I don’t worry about him snapping the chain. My girls love to look at it and hear the story. I’m sure that people have overheard me telling them the story because I’ve noticed people turning around to look.


3 Steps to a Signature Style – Jewelry

The Classic Nativity Stones cross has become a part of my Sunday uniform–I put it on as a matter of habit. Determining a signature style can help you look put together every single day in a matter of minutes.

1. Survey Your Stuff.

Take a few minutes and survey your jewelry box–the stuff you could wear every day, not the fancy ones.

What do you have the most of? What do you love the most?

Chances are you already have a favorite, you just didn’t know it. Or, you keep buying items that don’t actually work for your life.

2. Pick Your Signature Item.

Pick one or two types of jewelry that fit in your lifestyle. Necklaces & bracelets work best during this season of life, but maybe you prefer rings, earrings, pins/brooches or even cool & colorful watches. I used to be known for crazy dangly earrings in a past life ;). Once you pick a statement item, it’s freeing limit any new purchases to mostly those items and not worry that they will never be worn.

3. Pick a few favorites.

Grab 3 or 4 items to choose from and put them on a valet, fun tray or pretty china saucer near where you get dressed. Everyday when you get dressed, grab something from your tray.

Voila. Instant style!


Do you have a signature jewelry item?

Jen S.






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