So I got my first fix where I loved everything in it and I’m so excited!   If you have never gotten a StitchFix box and are wondering why everyone loves it so much, take a look at my unboxing video.

It’s like Christmas. With clothing. Honestly, as a homeschool mom of 3 kids under 7, time is precious. I hate going clothes shopping with 3 kids in tow. The 2 year old is constantly crawling under the dressing room walls! Or I have to deal with returns if I don’t try on in the store. Or I take valuable baby-sitter/hubby time to try on 40 things and get 3. Ugh.

Stitch Fix 4 Fall 2015 Perfect 5

StitchFix is SO much better. I pin stuff on my pinterest board for my stylist and she sends me 5 things to try on with the stuff I already have, in the good lighting of my home, when my kids are asleep or otherwise playing happily. And she isn’t on commission, so she isn’t making me nuts :).

So, without further ado, here are the 5 items that I got in this month’s box that caused me to hand over a good chunk of cash :).


Matata Faux Suede Pocket Knit Top

$ 44

I love this shirt! It’s crazy soft (and hand wash – bah!) and totally my style. It’s a fancier version of most of the other shirts I have. Kept.


Freida Skinny Jean – Navy


These were keepers. They were measured by waist/inseam so they fit perfectly. LOVE!


Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse


This was my least favorite of the bunch, but I did actually wear it first.  The sleeves are a smidge annoying and I need to wear a scarf (that black around the face thing), but it looks good and it’s a great transitional shirt for those days that start out 40 and end in the 70’s. I liked it enough to keep the freebie instead of trying to swap it in the FB groups.


Cordelia Striped Boat Neck Sweater


This was my favorite shirt, I think. It’s a little lightweight, but that’s good for days that go from cold to not so cold. The stripes actually look pretty good and I finally have a non-fitted shirt to balance out my skinny jeans. KEEP!


Almeria Tweed Wool Coat


I LOVE this. I was wanting a fall weight coat for church and so when this came I was really excited. It might be a bit more toward winter fall than the 70’s we’ve been seeing, but I can’t tell. I only know that I was sweating in it on the warm day I tried it all on :). Either way — LOVE!

Interested in getting a fix of your own?  Go here to sign up for your own StitchFix box — I’d love to see your first box!

Jen S.

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