Last year, we really enjoyed doing the Stations of the Cross — one a day — with my 5 & 2 year old.   I was looking for more kid friendly items than the book I made of fine art prints last year.   So that you aren’t overwhelmed with the all the options out there, here are my 3 favorite resources for stations of the cross for small children.



This free set of stations of the cross at Family Feast & Feria are fabulous and she has a myriad of options — booklet, ring, b&w, color and every combo there of.   Awesome and beautiful, designed to be printed front & back.

I love the Stations of the Cross e-book from Happy Saints.   His illustrations are fabulous and I will probably purchase this book as soon as my budget allows.   He has premade items, but if you are craft, you could probably rearrange the graphics for any format you’d like.


Last year we used The Way of the Cross for Children to do the stations of the cross.  Since our kids were so young, we did one station a day.  I liked that the meditations were set up very similar to the adult ones, but still gentle enough for kids without being watered down.   A tough balance indeed.   The link above is for a 10 pack but if you have more than one kid its not a bad thing.  I gave copies to my Godchildren, too :).



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What do you use to do Stations of the Cross with your small children?

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