I decided to start with makeup rather than clothing because its easier & cheaper to make a change.  If a woman is in the process of a weight change, makeup is easier than a lot of money on transitional clothes.  In fact, I started for that reason.  I was between regular clothes & the third trimester clothes I had for winter.  Everything felt giant and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for clothes I’d only need for a few months.


For me, the cosmetic that I concentrate on the most is my face. I have red spots on my cheeks, nose & chin that I would love to even out. If I did nothing else for the day, I would consider myself made up if my face was less splotchy. I just want to look like me–but better. And quickly. This is beauty for BUSY mom’s after all!


That is how & why I picked Bare Minerals when I started playing at the make-up game. I’ve used liquid foundation & tinted moisturizer and had a hard time getting a good match. Plus there is the whole chemical issue & I think that mineral makeup is a little better for your skin.

Once I stepped foot in the Ulta and had such an easy time getting a useable foundation & concealer, I was hooked. While it looks best when you have the right shade, it’s much more forgiving in either direction than liquid. And it’s practically dummy proof. Which is good since I knew NOTHING about makeup before I purchased the Getting Started Kit.

Over the next several weeks, I will share everything I have learned about Bare Minerals face products — Bare Minerals 101, if you will.

As of 10/1/13, these are the available face products at Bare Minerals.


1. Primer

A primer is used after your facial care routine but before your makeup. It’s used to fill in lines & wrinkles giving you a clean base to work on :).


2. Concealers 

Concealers are used to cover blemishes, redness or other areas you want to cover that may not be covered by foundation alone. With BM, you can use it before or after your foundation. I’ve done both.


3. Foundation

Foundation is for smoothing out your entire face. It provides for even-ish color but if you have any discolorations, they may show through. Some days I need concealer, some days a good application of foundation is good enough.   Check out this awesome shade match page @ Bare Minerals.


4. Mineral veil

The mineral veil is a translucent powder that just sets everything else so that it doesn’t come off.



Bonus – Eye Brightener

This is found under both face and eyes on their site, I believe. If you have under eye circles, you may want to consider eye brightener a basic as well. It does a great job of making me look less than exhausted. Due to my glasses, I’m the only one who notices, but I’m okay with that :).

So those are the basics. If you can only get a few items, I would start with those. I think you can get everything in their new Complexion Perfection Paletteicon. You can bet that I snapped one up to keep in my diaper bag!

Next week, I will share other fun face items that Bare Minerals frequently shares in their kits.



For more in the Beauty For Busy Moms series, you can click on the image above or on this link above.


Jen S.

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