Today’s Simplify Everything 2015 task might be a tough one —

Purge your junk jewelry.

simplify everything 06 junk jewelry

By junk jewelry, I mean the costume jewelry.   Things you buy on a whim, on clearance, or because it matched that dress perfectly (do you even still have that dress?).   I’m not talking about your sentimental or jewelry bought at an actual jeweler.

Today, take 10 minutes to weed through your junk jewelry.   Do you have a lot of something?  Is it your signature jewelry piece?  If not, perhaps it’s time to get rid of some.  Especially if you have so much you never wear it because you can’t find what you need.  Not that I know anything about that.  Ahem.

If you know someone who would love it, feel free to share, otherwise, find a new home for it.  If they are still pretty and new, an older girl might be delighted to find one in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox.

simplify everything 2015

If you recently done this, pick something else or take the day off!

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Jen S.

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