Would you believe a person can get excited about a purge/declutter task?  I am!  I am having a new (to us) armoire delivered tomorrow and the first thing going into it is…

simplify 11 games

The keepers from our newly purged games!   We have soooo many, for both educational and fun, and there are several that I can’t stand.   And when the Little Man goes behind the couch (their present home), he dumps them all out!   I can’t wait to get rid of half my stash.  You have NO idea.

How about you?   Go through the board and card games and get rid of those that are missing too many pieces to play.   Get rid of or repair broken boxes.   Do you have a bunch of preschool games hanging around that are never used?   Or a bunch of games your middle schoolers wanted but now never play?    Did you buy games your friends love but you loathe?   Purge them!

If you have a large collection, try to thin them out by half so you only have your absolute favorites.  It’s so freeing to choose from a small selection of games we LOVE to play!   You never feel like you lose when that’s the case :).

simplify everything 2015

If you recently done this, pick something else or take the day off!

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Jen S.

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