The Simply Everything 2015 task for today is to purge your belts.

simplify everything 07 belts

I am not a big belt wearer.  I do, however, need to go through my belts.  I need one to wear with my jeans because in order for them to fit my thighs, the waist is always too big.  Since I’ve lost weight recently, most of mine are too big.

How about yours?  Do you wear them a lot?  Did you try a trend (like skinny belts) only to find that it really doesn’t work for your body type?  Or maybe your weight changed.  Or perhaps you just haven’t been able to get rid of a cracked old favorite.

While you are going through your belts, really consider how many and which ones you actually use.  If you have a ton, try to get rid of half of them.   Are you seeing a pattern here?

simplify everything 2015

If you recently done this, pick something else or take the day off!

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Jen S.

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