Today’s task for Simplify Everything 2015 is a place that always gets overlooked.  T-shirts.  I cannot tell you how often I just throw on my t-shirts without paying attention to how they look.

simplify everything 03 tshirts

So today’s task is to really take a good look at your t-shirts, short-sleeved and long-sleeved.   Check for holes, stains and fraying around the neck.

If you have a giant t-shirt collection, maybe it’s time to thin that a bit.  Get rid of any that are too big or too small or in bad shape.   Try getting rid of half of them, especially if you closet is bulging at the seams.

If you have too many that you just can’t bear to part with, consider making a t-shirt quilt (or even a t-shirt lap quilt) so they aren’t taking space in your closet and you can enjoy the shirts and the memories they bring every time you use it.


simplify everything 2015

If you recently done this, check your honey’s white undershirts or take the day off!

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Jen S.

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