I swear it went from 50 degrees and fall straight to a foot of snow. I’ve lived in Northern Michigan my whole life and never had snow STAY in the first week of November. We are in for a long winter ladies. Another cold one, too, I’m betting.

4 ways to look cute and stay warm beauty for busy moms

So how do you look cute AND stay warm in winter? Here are a few of my favorite ways.

1. Layers

My “mom uniform” is long-sleeve v-neck t-shirts. Man, that’s a lot of hyphens! At one point I was wearing tank tops underneath for modesty reasons and then found that all my low cut ones were gone. So I quit using them. And subsequently discovered I was cold. all. the. time. So layer up!

If long sleeve tees and tank tips aren’t your thing, try a button down under a sweater. New York & Company has awesome ruched button downs that both hide leftover baby belly & tons of button, thus eliminating the dreaded “boob gap” so you can wear them in the spring or fall, too!

2. Scarves

Even a lightweight scarf can help keep you warm. An infinity scarf will make it look like you tried without having the whole scarf trying learning curve. You can get cute inexpensive ones from Cents of Style.

3. A vest

For those zero degree or lower days, add a vest. I bought a quilted one from lands end this year, but had fleece ones before that.  If you have the tiny baby thing going on, check the zipper before you buy.  I had a super cute pink one but the zipper was brutal!  I had to take it back so I didn’t scratch up my littler nurser.  What kind you get depends on what works best with your wardrobe, but they are another great cold weather staple.

4. Fleece leggings

Think cozy bed on your legs without getting in your way. I found fleece leggings from CuddleDuds at Sam’s Club & adore them! I bought them in black & gray and can wear skirts without freezing! They are too hot to wear for moderately cold days, though. Save them for 30 degrees & under days.


It’s so much harder to be motivated to look cute in winter when it is so darn cold. Having a few warm basics helps you look cute AND stay warm with a minimum of effort. Layering shirts, scarves, vests and fleece leggings can help you keep warm without falling into the sweats/pj’s trap.

What are your favorite cute winter must haves to stay warm? Did I miss your favorite?

Jen S.

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