The theme for the #SimplifyEverything2015 tasks in February is for school related items.  Whether you homeschool or your kids are enrolled in public or private school, chances are that you have some of these items in your home.

simplify 09 manipulatives

Today’s Simplify Everything 2015 task is to purge your manipulatives.  For non-homeschoolers, you may be wondering what that means.   Let’s call it educational toys.  In my house, this would be things like Melissa & Doug shape sorting trains, magnetic letters, bear counters, or pattern pieces.

If your kids are all older and you still have toys like this floating around, decide if they are really worth keeping.   Are they high quality and intact?  Or are they cheap or missing multiple pieces?  Do you still need them?

For homeschooling families, you might have more things like this.  Hot Dots, perhaps.   Or rock collections, science experiment kits, continent study boxes.   Assess whether you really need all of the items.  Are they all for younger children?   Do you USE what you have or is there so much you can’t be bothered to dig it out?

simplify everything 2015

If you recently done this, pick something else or take the day off!

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Jen S.

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