If you hurry, there is still time to buy the book(s) about St. John Bosco in time for his feast day on January 31.

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Books about Saint John Bosco

I found two books worth sharing for the feast day of St. John Bosco.  One is a small picture book and the other is a quasi-picture book, more suitable for older children.

A Story of Saint John Bosco


A Story of John Bosco was my favorite of the two selections I found for this month, although it’s not a picture book in the traditional sense.  There are black and white pictures inside and it’s an older children’s book.


A Story of John Bosco is one of those living books that Charlotte Mason people talk about from the golden age of children’s book publishing (1930-1968ish).   The story is very engaging and paints a beautiful picture of an ordinary boy and how he did simple but great things for God.   My 7 year old daughter listened to this book and begged that I finish it right away.


John Bosco: Champion for Youth

The other book that I found for St. John Bosco is another title from the Saints & Me! series —John Bosco: Champion for Youth. This particular title comes from the Saints for Families series and like the last one, has a workbook to go with it (and the others).


This one focuses on a slightly different piece of his childhood, but also talks about how Don Bosco helped boys come to Christ in very real, but simple ways.  The book ends with a prayer as well as a glossary.

Activities for St. John Bosco

While I created this book club as a way for busy families to go a little deeper into their Catholic faith, I did find a small handful of ideas to do if you had the time.

First, is a simple and easy snack.  Have you heard of Bosco sticks?  They are all the rage as a snack food at arenas and such.   Basically, they are breadsticks stuffed with cheese.   In a pinch, you could pick up a box at the grocery story, or if you prefer, you could make them from scratch with this Bosco Sticks recipe from Catholic Cuisine.

The other thing I found was this pin from a custom Etsy shop order.  It’s a beautiful printable with a quote from St. John Bosco.

Run. Jump. Make Noise.  But do not sin.

I love this quote.  I think someone needs to make a printable of it. What a great reminder of what is important!

Do you have a favorite book or activity for St. John Bosco?  Please share it below!

Jen S.

Stay tuned for St. Brigid later this week; her feast day is February 1!

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