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We were excited to get 3 of the new releases from the Spring 2014 lineup of science/math books from Arbordale Publishing (formerly known as Sylvan-Dell).  Arbordale Publishing specializes in children’s picture books about science & math related topics.  At the end of each book there are several pages that talk more about the concepts in the book.  There are also 40-50 pages of additional material for each book on their website.  Generally, Arbordale Publishing’s picture books are intended for ages 4-8, or PreK through 3rd grade.

Mom’s Favorite – The Shape Family Babies

It just so happened that this season, everyone had a different favorite.   My favorite was The Shape Family Babies.  It was a fun introduction to shapes, their names and even some root word stuff.  The idea of family trees and passing similarities along was a fun one for me as a mom.  The kids liked it well enough and frequently brought all three, but is wasn’t their favorite.

Lil Bit’s Favorite – First Fire:  A Cherokee Folktale

First Fire is a Cherokee Folktale about how various animals got their distinctive features by trying to bring fire from an island to the rest of the animals.  It was a fun story where a tiny spider was the successful one.  The extra pages discussed not only creature features but the history of Native Americans and where they loved.


Itty Bitty’s Favorite – Daisylocks

My youngest loved Daisylocks and requested it quite frequently.  From a mom’s perspective, it was an interesting discussion of how each flower was made for a particular environment and even small changes are just not right.  To her, it was the same storyline as Goldilocks and the 3 Bears making it familiar but interesting.  It’s also a good book for teaching contentment with where God has you–not in the book, but an excellent book for making that point.


We’ve found some fun books from Arbordale Publishing & this season was no exception.  Also, in celebration of Children’s Book Week next week, they are offering a free paperback when you buy one (while supplies last).  Also, I didn’t know it, but they offer online access to one e-book free each month and will have 3 featured next week.  How fun!!

You can see other titles we’ve received from Arbordale (FKA Sylvan-Dell):

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