Several weeks ago, I shared a little about my new favorite elementary science book series from Sylvan-Dell Publishing.   In addition to the three books I shared, I received the other three books released Fall 2012.

Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators was another one of the books we were sent to review.  I think this is their first non-illustrated book and it was all about the people who help rehabilitate wildlife.  It showed photos of where animals live and how they eat, while being helped.   It helps kids learn about how animals are helped and also how they normally live in the wild.  They are all normal backyard animals so it really gets to where they live.

Desert Baths is a really cute story that explains how different animals who dwell in the desert get clean when there is no water.  It describes almost every group of animal from mammals and birds to reptiles and amphibians.   Not only do animals use dew and the occasional rain, but the sun, dirt and even ants!   It’s a fascinating book with gorgeous illustrations and a detailed, yet short description on each page that keeps even my 2 year old interested!

Solar System Forecast was the last of the books that I was sent for review.   This was MY particular favorite because I’ve always loved space and wish I would have studied it more as a student.   One of the things I loved about Solar System Forecast was the novel way they shared information about each planet.   I have other books on planets and space and they try way to hard to have too many statistics on planets that are hard to grasp.  Nothing entertaining about them.   THIS book, however, shares the feel of the planet through a fictional weather-cast during the morning news.

Expect thick, yellow sulfuric acid clouds on Venus today…and every day…

That’s not the whole page, but each page has a similar feel beginning with a weather forecast with information about each planets weather like and/or distinctive features.   Very fun!

As always, Sylvan Dell books always include a few pages of extras in the back for more in depth learning AND a PDF with 40-60 pages of additional materials covering many different areas of study including math and reading/language arts.   The PDF’s make it easy to take areas of interest to your child and expand it to other disciplines.  I imagine that this would be a great tool for unschoolers or interest-led learners looking for elementary science materials.

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Disclaimer:   These books were received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Amy @ Hope Is the Word
    3 January 2013 at 11:32 PM (5 years ago)

    These sound great! I especially like the concept of the second book. Thanks for sharing at RAT!


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