With the first trimester slump, homeschooling has been taking a backseat.   We have still been learning, though!   Learning never stops, does it?

We received a set of 6 new releases from Sylvan Dell this fall and I’ve found a new series of science books to keep in my homeschool library!

The first book we read was Tree That Bear Climbed.   While hubby and I were not fond of it, my 2 year old adored it.  It was one of those books that builds upon the previous pages:

This is the soil

that feeds the roots

that anchors the tree

that bear climbs on.

Annoying repetitiveness aside, it did a really good job of showing the life support systems of a tree.   Like all Sylvan-Dell science books, they have a small section in the back expanding on the topics as well as a downloadable activity guide for each book touching on many more subjects than just the science aspects.   While we didn’t use any of these activities for any of the books we received this fall due to morning sickness and doing as little as possible, I DID look at several of them and will use them for topics that my kids show extra interest in.

We also looked at A Warm Winter Tail.  This was a really cute book where animals asked if humans did the same thing they did to keep warm.  We loved this book because not only was it fun to look at how all the different animals go through winter, but it had a very rhythmic style that made it fun to read aloud.

…Do they eat till they’re plump,

go to sleep in a lump,

and wait for spring breezes to come?

The other thing that made this book fun was the variety of types of animals who asked.  It wasn’t just mammals but birds, insects and amphibians, too!

And the last book we enjoyed was titled The Most Dangerous.   My 4 year old LOVED this book and we read it over and over and over again.   The pictures might be a little intense for small kids (I wasn’t sure what my 2 year old would think), but the story is so funny and lighthearted that it makes a scary animal less scary.  There is a most dangerous animal contest and they are all coming forward to tell the judges why they are the scariest.   At the end, the winner is not what you would expect!   My daughter loved this because it built on something she had learned in VBS this summer.  I love it when they can connect the dots 🙂

Overall, I love Sylvan Dell science books and will be adding them to my collection whenever I find them.   Not only do the books have extra learning activities available on the website, but they are complete and entertaining way to add some low-pressure homeschool science for Kindergarten.   I love that they are not full of simple vocabulary but use a wide variety of words!   These books are fabulous for any elementary age child!

What are your favorite elementary Science resources?

Jen S.



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Disclaimer:   The books were received from the publisher in exchange for a review.   This post contains affiliate links.


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  1. Cindy
    6 December 2012 at 10:21 PM (10 years ago)

    Stopping by from the TOS blog linky.



  2. Alice@Supratentorial
    6 December 2012 at 5:43 PM (10 years ago)

    That last one looks like one my boys would love. I’ll have to look for it.


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