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8 Pirate Picture Books for Talk Like a Pirate Day

8 Swashbuckling Pirate Picture Books

So, if you are new here, we turn International Talk Like a Pirate Day into a whole WEEK of fun & frivolity. Everyone got new pirate costumes this year due to having worn them all out or outgrowing them. Even I have one, though I no longer know if it fits :). Pirate Picture Books […] Read more…

Tea Time — a Variation on Circle Time for a Classical/Charlotte Mason Homeschool

So over the summer, we have been having a semi-regular tea time, usually mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon. After a hard day of play outside, they usually need a snack so we gather together with a snack and I read-aloud from various books for 10-15 minutes. Tea Time Reading We read from a large stack that contains […] Read more…

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