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DIY Bundle for Crafty Types {and everyone else}

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There aren’t enough hours in the day, right? With work, helping the kids with their homework (or homeschooling), cooking, cleaning (ugh!) and laundry, there’s very little time for the finer things in life.  You know, those things that bring YOU a little fulfillment after a day spend serving everyone else in your house–like reading, writing, photography or other creative pursuits.

But do you look at that bare wall in the den and that tatty tablecloth on the kitchen table, and just wish you had a few hours to do something about them? Or do you browse through those wonderful crafting successes on Pinterest and think to yourself that “one day” you’ll have a few more minutes to yourself so that you too can create something incredible?

Or maybe not.   Maybe, like me, you aren’t the “crafty” type of mom and the idea of digging out craft supplies makes you break out into a cold sweat.  Luckily, God created us all in his image.  We are all called to be creative in some way.  I am creative through my writing and blogging and marketing for our business.  While I couldn’t weld a glue gun and create something pretty to save my life, I can learn more about photography.  Or writing.   And sometimes, I even get a little more messy and dig out some paint or fabric and undertake a 5 year long project.

No matter which boat you fit into, though, there’s an exciting new product to help you quickly and easily feed your creative side. It’s called The Ultimate DIY Bundle, and it’s a collection of carefully curated DIY and crafting eBooks and eCourses from the world’s leading authors and bloggers in the industry.

For the crazy low price of just $34.95, you get access to a carefully curated library of over 75 eBooks and eCourses. And let me reassure you that this really is great value: the Ultimate Bundles team (who produced the resource) has spent MONTHS seeking out the most respected experts in the industry and asking them to contribute their premium-quality eBooks and eCourses. These really are the best of the best when it comes to DIY and crafting advice and information.

Topics in the bundle include:

  • Home decor
  • Furniture painting
  • Photography
  • Chalk pastels
  • Handmade gifts
  • Homemade skincare products
  • Cake decorating
  • Photography and photo-editing
  • Paint colors and interior design
  • …and a whole lot more (76 eBooks and eCourses in total) – to help you be inspired or get started with your next DIY or crafting project!

There’s no need to worry about information overload though: The Ultimate DIY Bundle comes with a complete guide to getting started, so that you can know exactly which resource to use for your specific crafting or DIY project and jump straight into it with confidence!



Hurry though! The Ultimate DIY Bundle will only be on sale for 6 days – from 8am EST on Wednesday, January 21 until 11.59pm EST on Monday, January 26.

If you aren’t sure, you can take a leap of faith because you’re covered by the Ultimate Bundles 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you have a full 30 days to enjoy all the eBooks and eCourses in the bundle, and if you don’t think they provided enough value, you’ll get a full refund.

Not only that, but The Ultimate DIY Bundle comes with 4 awesome bonuses, worth over $118. That’s 3x the price of the bundle alone! These include…

A free $15 Store Credit PLUS 8×10 Art Print from Hope Ink ($43 Value), a free online class from Craftsy (up to $60 Value), free $15 store credit to, and a free sewing pattern PLUS a Premium Video Class from UpCraft Club ($19.99 Value).

So, don’t miss your chance to grab The Ultimate DIY Bundle, and get 85 incredible eBooks and eCourses for just $34.95. All you need to do is take action by midnight on Monday, January 26!

This amazing deal ends in just…
Pick up your copy right now, before it’s too late. Or, learn more here.


Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

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Saint Picture Book Club – February 2015 Book Reveal

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!


While it isn’t ideal, the saint for February’s Saint Picture Book Club, St. Brigid, is super close to January’s Saint Picture Book Club saint.  Like the next day — February 1.

saint picture book club february brigid

It’s such a great book, though, that I really wanted to share it, so there you are.   St. Brigid is from Ireland and the book Brigid’s Cloak is a beautiful legend of a girl who was gifted a blue cloak at birth by druids and was transported to Bethlehem to witness Christ’s birth.  It’s a beautifully illustrated and told story and like all books in the Saint Picture Book Club, easily available from Amazon.  We bought the hardcover edition used, but it is now available in paperback (with Prime shipping).

Come back the week of 1/26 to see a full review of the book, as well as share your books and quick & easy ways to commemorate the feast day of St. Brigid.

Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss it!

See you then!

Jen S.

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Saint Picture Book Club – January 2015 Saint Preview

I am so excited to be able to share the selection(s) for the January 2015 saint in the Saint Picture Book Club! If you are unfamiliar with the saint picture book club, it’s a super easy way to live the liturgical year and learn more about the saints without a lot of prep or shopping involved.  I designed it to be book based, and easily available on Amazon to make it as simple as possible for busy families to live their Catholic faith together.

saint picture book club january john bosco

The saint for January is St. John Bosco and his feast day is January 31, which is also my oldest’s birthday.   I didn’t know that until this year.  See ANYONE can do this :).

I have to equally good, but different selections for this month.  The first is A Story of John Bosco, printed by Neumann Press.   If you are unfamiliar with Neumann Press, they have traditionally published out of print Catholic children’s resources that are good enough to save for grandchildren.  This is less of a picture book than the other book, with fewer drawings and those being black and white pen & ink drawings.   The story, however, is very well done and engaging.  It’s a great book for illustrating how ordinary people can be saints.   A Story of John Bosco would be wonderful for older children 6+ and good as a read-aloud.

The other books is another from the Saints & Me series — John Bosco: Champion for Youth.  This is from the Saints for Family Collection and is very much a picture book with illustrations on each page.   While the story is not as quite as engaging, it does share much more of St. John Bosco’s life as a young person than the previous selection.   Also, John Bosco, is a very affordable way to add a new saint book to your collection without breaking the bank — it’s less than $5, shipped (if you have Amazon Prime).

So join us on 1/26 to read a more in-depth review of both of these stories and find out what others are reading or doing on the feast day of St. John Bosco.  Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss a post.  Friday I will be sharing February’s pick, so come back then and you can combine shipping!

See you in a few weeks!

Jen S.


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The Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean {Book Review}

Disclaimer: This books was received from the publisher, but I was not required to review it. This post does contain affiliate links; thanks for your support!

So I was in a mood this week and decided to pull another old book off of my review shelf.   This time it was Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean from PaulineKids.   When I went to mark it finished in GoodReads and read the reviews, I decided I needed to blog about it.

So the blurb on Amazon is short and sweet:

A 14-year-old girl who wants her first kiss more than anything gets diagnosed with Celiac disease, prompting important considerations about her body and her Catholic faith. Themes include: faith, choices, and sex & relationships.

This is a book that would have done me a world of good when *I* was in junior high.  I don’t know what kind of circumstances everyone else grew up with, but my crowd, who were considered pretty good kids, was well immersed in the whole children masquerading as grown-ups thing.   All manner and form of sexual activity was happening beginning in 7th or 8th grade for the “bad” kids and in 9th or 10th (if we worked hard at it) for the rest of us.  A few escaped, but I’m sure there weren’t a lot of them.

A lot of reviewers didn’t like the tone.  But as a teenager who did too much too soon and spend years undoing the damage, I really identified with Gloria Jean.   She reminded me a lot of myself.  Except that SHE had better influences, was nicer and not as stupid.  Her preoccupation with kissing and various boys is not abnormal, but I LOVE how they tied in the difference between her public school sex ed classes and the “worldly” girl that no one is nice to and contrasted it with the other Catholics (boys and girls) in her Confirmation prep and Theology of the Body.   It is overtly Catholic and even has her attending adoration.

Gloria Jean was likeable and though some grown-ups may think she’s a bit ridiculous, she is an authentic teenage voice.  I would consider this book appropriate for grade 6-8 unfortunately — once the boy, kissing thing has begun to infiltrate.   I have no idea how you would know that — my oldest is only 7 :).   If your child (or one you know) regularly reads regular fiction dealing with these issues, this is almost essential to provide a normal-feeling book with a Catholic worldview.

Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this book and I am saving it for when my oldest is old enough.  It’s really that good, and although I really hate to think about my kids having those thoughts about kissing and boys and dating, it’s going to happen soon.  Kids push each other to do things and hormones push them to do things. Having a novel that makes those things feel normal AND having the Catholic POV from a teenagers standpoint, well, I think it will help.  It sure would have helped me.

Jen S.

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Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves {Book Review}

 Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher, but was under no obligation to review it. This post contains affiliate links; thanks for your support.

Over the holidays, I had some free time (I KNOW!?!) and pulled Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves off my review shelf.  I devoured it in an evening and while flipping pancakes on Sunday morning.

Breaking Through is a different kind of book.  Intelligent, educated Catholic women share their own thoughts about a myriad of controversial Catholic topics and why they believe them.  From women like Helen M. Alvare (also the editor), Sr. Mary Gabriel SV and Michelle A. Cretella the year tackle doctrines such as having children, contraception, homosexuality, religious life, the sexual abuse scandal, single motherhood and more.

This book is an excellent book for people of other faiths who wonder how or why we can believe such “antiquated” doctrine.  Not that the beliefs of educated women have any more value than anyone else, but it often confounds intelligencia that anyone could be Catholic.  Every single one of these women has initials after her name and has written an essay with just the right balance of emotion, scientific research, and church teaching.

If you are a Catholic struggling with doctrine or a Protestant desiring to know more about Catholic teaching on a practical level, Breaking Through is an excellent starting place.  The essays are thoughtful, well-written and REAL examples of living the Catholic life.

Jen S.

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