Last Fall, I was lucky enough to review my first set of Sylvan-Dell science titles.   I reviewed each book individually in two separate posts.   This time I decided to do it a little differently.    For spring, Sylvan-Dell sent me the 7 new books they published (also seen in the widget above):

The girls descended upon the pile of new books like they were starved and hadn’t eaten in weeks when I brought in steak and ice cream!   Nothing like their mom, ahem.  Anyway, we quickly sat down to read several of our new selections and my 5 year old had the following opinions:

Which book was your favorite?

The Deductive Detective.


It has all the different animals in it.  And I like the numbers.  Oh!  And the kangaroo says “My joey is all doughy.”  That’s funny!

Mom’s note — the book contains several animals being accused of doing something and every time an animal is eliminated, they do a math problem.  i.e. — 10 suspects – 1 kangaroo = 9 suspects.

What other books did you like?

I liked Shark Baby and Balloon Trees, too.


Overall, my kids tend to like the illustrated ones better than the ones with the photographs.    Hubby wasn’t a fan of Balloon Trees, because as far as he is concerned, they don’t get rubber from rubber trees anymore and the whole thing is silly.   Everyone is a critic, right?

I really liked the concept of The Deductive Detective.  I, frankly, don’t have great logic skills and so I liked the idea of my kids being introduced to it early.   I also like the On the Move: Mass Migrations.    The Nature Recycles – How About You? book irritated me a little bit.   I’m not sure that the animals were recycling per se, and the “critter x recycles, do you?” was irritating.  On the flip side, it was interesting to learn the symbiotic relationship that animals have with each other.

If you are in the market for some cute science books that have additional downloadable activities (like this set for Mass Migrations), the Sylvan-Dell science books are a great resource!  They are meant for elementary aged children and some are more detailed than others, but all have great expansion activities for ANY subject, not just science.

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