So this year, I’ve decided to go modern with our new favorite Christmas story post.   We are picking popular new-ish books.

First up, It’s Christmas, David!   My kids ADORE David and so I should have expected that this book would be a hit.   In a similar vein as the other David books, David is always in trouble.    He breaks a window, goes running naked down the street, snitches cookies and even writes his name in the snow.  Ahem.   While some might find these visual jokes a bit crude, I’m sure any boy or daddy would find them hysterical.   And my little girls do, too.   It’s my 2 year old’s favorite so far.


The next book that my daughters loved this year was Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas.   My oldest daughter (almost 5) has discovered that she LOVES Fancy Nancy.   And amazingly enough, I really like them, too!   This particular Fancy Nancy book is written and illustrated by the originals and takes place on Christmas Eve.  It goes through all the things Nancy & her sister do while they are waiting for their grandfather to arrive so they can decorate the tree.  Minor disaster strikes and they figure out a way to get around it.   As always, it is accompanied by a sprinkling of french, flair and fancy words :).   Another new favorite.


The other one is Jingle Bugs.   My kids LOVE the Bug books.   In fact, I find them on clearance quite frequently and buy them all when I see them.    It has a removable ornament and all your typical Bug pop-up book treats.  At the end is a Christmas Tree that plays the whole Jingle Bells song.    While these aren’t the sturdiest books for a 2 year old (understatement of the year), my kids LOVE them and I don’t mind if one occasionally gets destroyed; I buy them whenever I find them and they ARE cute.

So these were three of our new favorites this year.

What good books have you picked up for this Christmas?

Jen S.



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