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We have a LOT of bible story books. When I received a copy of Read Me A Bible Story 365, I wondered what kind of bible story book is it? This book is an awesome book for tot school or bedtime on days when even a 5 minute story is just too much.

read me a bible story 365 giveaway

Read Me A Bible Story 365 covers most of the major stories of the bible each day, in a paragraph. Because this bible storybook has assigned dates, you will either want to peg them into your routine so you hit them daily. Or, if you are like me, you can totally ignore the dates and then no one misses anything vital.


Because the stories are SO short, they are great for a child who is not used to being read aloud to, or who has a hard time sitting still. They take about a minute to read, making them great for kids who don’t like deviating from the bed or nap routine on a day you are short on time, energy, or patience. Or all three :).

The pictures are well done but because the stories are so short, the fact that there are not a ton of illustrations is okay. They don’t have time to really pour over it. My daughter loves to read to her brother and will read to him as long as he will sit for her ;).

Does this sound like it would fill a need in your home? If so, use the widget below to win a copy of Read Me A Bible Story 365!

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  1. Maria
    2 October 2015 at 12:19 AM (9 years ago)

    The best time to read to the kids is always right before bed. They usually get at least one story in!


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