Wow!  It’s been a super busy week and this Saturday doesn’t seem to be any less busy even though it’s the feast day for St. Mother Teresa!

Saint Mother Teresa - September 5 - Saint Picture Book Club

I did want to share with you my quick thoughts and a few food ideas for celebrating the feast day of Mother Teresa.  After all, don’t you read EVERY day no matter how busy?  Or is that just us?  But you DO eat, so there is that.


Mother Teresa Books

The featured selection in the Saint Picture Book Club was Mother Teresa by Demi.  It is really a beautiful book and the back has some sort of Apostolic Blessing from JPII on it so it seems to have some level of approval anyway :).

mother teresa book - inside

This is a really beautiful book detailing the story of the life of Mother Teresa and the work God was able to do through her.  And actually told from that perspective.  Not only was the story told of how she loved the easiest to ignore, but it also includes favorite prayers of Saint Mother Teresa’s and even a few quotes and how she impacted the world, while giving all the credit to God.  It’s really a beautiful book showing how a modern, real-life saint reflects everything back to God.  It does have a lot of text, though, making it more appropriate for older children, ages 6-10 perhaps.

Another worthy book if you have older children who are better able to discern and are more interested in her life, is Mother Teresa, a DK Biography.  This is a small compact volume with thick glossy photographs of the actual areas where Mother Teresa worked and lived.

inside dk biography mother teresa saint

In addition, it gives information about the Catholic faith for people unfamiliar with it, as well as information about the culture where she worked, including the religions.  My quick scan didn’t show anything anti-Catholic and nothing contrary to my understanding of her life.  It’s another perspective and the recency of her story make saintly virtue more real somehow.


Food Ideas for St. Mother Teresa

I had come across a few recipes to try for the feast of Mother Teresa.  I won’t be able to get to most of them this weekend, but I might be able to pick up a chai tea somewhere.  Starbucks anyone?  Maybe you can get to one or find an Indian restaurant somewhere!

Check out the Saints for Catholic Kids pinterest board for activities and other recipes for this and many other saints!

Do you have any favorite traditions, books, or stories relating to St. Mother Teresa?

Jen S.

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