I just recently realized that I didn’t do a Day in the Life post this year. I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of fun to look back on what a day used to look like at various times. I did this on a kind of crazy day in mid-April, before we left on an impromptu vacation to Florida where we skipped our Easter Break since we were taking 2 weeks off a week later.

A day in the life 2016

This is what a random homeschool day looks like with kids 8, 5 & 2 (Second Grade, Preschool/Kindergarten & Toddler).


6:30ish – The Little Man 2 got up and snuggled before going to join his sisters.  I tried on some new clothes laying on my bed and then took my shower.

7:00am — We all ate breakfast. I also did my morning devotions/gratitude journal, checked my email and did a little packing.

8:00am – We started morning time (this is pretty close to the same as this term), I changed 2 diapers, kids got dressed and the rooter man came.

9:00am – We started on bookwork along with second breakfast/mid-morning snack.  Miss Bookworm 8 did her Latin & Math.  Miss Lady 5 did her math pages & a lesson of Foundations A.  The Little Man 2 played with the math manipulatives.  I also made smoothies & helped the rooter guy.

10:00am – Served tea time snack, made a phone call to the pharmacy about getting more pills for my vacay and read a few books to The Little Man 2.

10:30am – Let the littles get their screen time early so I could start on Essentials with Miss Bookworm 8.  Whilst and at the same time as doing Essentials, I was warming up my lunch & fed the littles.  They went downstairs to play/get into trouble.  I call them the dynamic duo. After lunch was finished, I did a little research on the computer and they were all downstairs.


12:00pm — I went to see what they kids were getting into downstairs and decided to do the Easter Egg hunt.

12:30pm – Half an hour later they were eating chocolate, counting coins and happily amused OUTSIDE.  I did more packing and checked off my lists for our upcoming vacation.

1:00pm – Took everyone to Michael’s to check out Easter clearance.

2:00pm – Kids spent the afternoon crafting.  The boy took a (rare) nap.  I had a snack, read, and enjoyed the quiet.  I also spent WAAAY too much time investing bible journaling on Pinterest.

5:00pm – Had Easter leftovers for dinner, cleaned up kitchen, packed kitchen stuff for trip.

5:45pm – Printed some planner sticker pages for April and went outside with the kids.

6:40pm – Watched a geology lecture from Great Courses and puttered around getting ready to go.

7:30pm – Got the kids ready for bed.  Peace at last.


What does YOUR homeschool day look like?  Share in the comments!

Jen S.

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