8am – The Little Man is up for the day after a rough (for him) night.  I think we need to get adjusted earlier.  He’s a little crabby.  Brush teeth.  Make bed.  Check email, update Quicken.  Shower, dress & eat breakfast.

9:30am – Sit down to nurse while the girls play.   We start with Circle Time – currently consisting of our morning devotion & morning prayer, as well as a story or two.  Then Itty Bitty does her “school.”  We sang the alphabet song, did some size sorting, counting in English & French, cutting, and reading aloud to all.  The Little Man was alternately fussing, nursing & playing.  Sometimes, Lil’ Bit does “school” from Flowering Baby with the Little Man while Itty Bitty is doing her school.  He was too cranky today.

10:00am – Lil Bit started school.  We recently moved to doing Catechism twice a week instead of daily.  Lil Bit was amiable & in a good mood so we blew through two lessons of Logic of English and did an assessment AND a math lesson in Saxon.  Plus handwriting.  And we snuck in Kinderbach because I forgot when Itty Bitty was doing school earlier.  Oops.  The Little Man napped on my lap for LOE & math.  Oh, and the girls got dressed :).

11:45am – We picked up our school.  The girls went to play while the Little Man & I started lunch.  Play was quickly abandoned in favor of working through K5 Learning.  Called to reschedule our chiro appts for tomorrow.  Changed another diaper.  It should go without saying that I’ve changed several today, right?

12:30pm – Lil’ Bit unloads dishwasher while I dish out lunch — fish sticks & fries.  I make no apologies.  They need a hearty lunch to go to co-op during snack & nap time.  Hubby popped in to grab a check.  Itty Bitty opened her church birthday gift.

1pm – Spent a few minutes on the phone with hubby & a bank mortgage rep regarding our refi while the Little Man played with the girls toys & Lil Bit went back to K5.  Compared the numbers to the other 2 quotes we got.  Fun stuff.  Both actual & sarcastic all at the same time :).  Nurse, play & think about getting ready to go to co-op.  Do I have cash to pay for the upcoming term or do I need to go to a bank? Hmmm.

1:35pm – Went out to van to leave for co-op.  Crazy busy.  First week for afternoon classes.  Finally settled into our rooms, paid for classes.

3pm – Itty Bitty is already sick of nursery.  Two hours left.  Walking around building.  I think we will skip nursery to avoid getting sick and I’ll bring school & activities for Itty Bitty in lobby.  She would like the (almost) 1 on 1 time.

5:30pm – Wow.  Longest 3 hours ever.   Notes for future.  Neither of my children really fit in the nursery — the  6 month old is too young (nurses too much) and the 3 year old is a year older than everyone else and playing with baby toys. We will play in the main sitting area with everyone else :).  Also, I don’t need to be there for all 3 classes.  Luckily winter term is only 5 weeks.  And I should bring enough stuff for everyone to do.  Went home to wait for hubby.

6pm – Bones got home & we decided to skip the mall for dinner.  I don’t particularly want the flu again this year.  Picked a different restaurant and tried to keep Itty Bitty awake to eat her dinner.

7:30pm – Got home & started getting girls ready for bed.   Pj’s, stories, hugs, prayers, etc.  Lil Bit was pretty excited to be up later than Itty Bitty. Due to naps, it doesn’t often happen.

8:30pm – both girls asleep.  Bones & I hang out with boy.

10pm –  The Little Man is finally ready for bed for the night.  Everyone else goes to bed.

Bonus:  At 2:30 or 3:00 AM(!) BOTH girls decided to get up.  And they STAYED up.  Until lunch!  What the heck?!?  Needless to say, sleep for the rest of us was fitful that night.


What does your school day look like with several littles?


Jen S.


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