Our days feel flustered right now and I’m not sure where they will end up.   We decided not to put Lil’ Bit in preschool after all and so the schedule I made up in anticipation of that is pretty worthless.   We DO have obligations on Mondays when the school year starts and I need to figure out when I’m going to get marketing done for our business.

All that to say that I’m just going to share what our Tot School and Kindergarten Day’s look like.  The rest will come later after details are ironed out — you know, just before the schedule has to change :).

Tot School Day

We are using Hands On Homeschooling for 2 year olds with my youngest daughter.   I bought it for my oldest but never did more than a couple lessons.   HOH has 3 very simple activities for 2 year olds.   As a for instance, today we were supposed to read the story of Jonah (we are using the Read and Share Bible), glue squares, and toss bean bags.   Super simple and takes very little time and prep.  We read the bible after Lil’ Bit reads hers and do the other 2 activities while she is working on other things.   I’d say we spend about 20 minutes total on Tot School.  She also plays with education toys, manipulatives, and Montessori items.

A Typical Kindergarten Day

There are certain subjects that Lil’ Bit doesn’t like much because she doesn’t INSTANTLY get them or they are a little boring, so we mix things up a bit.   We spend about 30-45 minutes on Kindergarten and typically do the following:

At breakfast (10 min):

  • Devotional
  • Bible Reading & Memorization

During Formal School Time (30 min):

  • Catechisis
  • Phonics work
  • Handwriting
  • Math
  • Grammar or Science (depending on day)

She practices her reading when daddy comes home after dinner.   History will be added daily.   Nature study will be happening on Friday’s.  You know, in theory :).

How does your day look?

Jen S.



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