I put a LOT of thought into how to make this school year work with a rambuctious 3-year old boy, his crazy 6-year old sister and an extremely social third grader. I always get overly ambitious and started out with several subjects that I have since dropped to preserve peace in the house. Thank goodness for Pam Barnhill’s Plan Your Year Kit (aff. link). Honestly, I think I would have been much more frustrated with the start of our homeschool had I not used it this year?
2016-2017 preschool classical curriculum

Memorial Press is our starting point for our curriculum choices and their Preschool curriculum is geared toward 3-4 year olds. I purchased the curriculum manual (I didn’t use it with the other children) and I have scheduled 15 minutes after our morning hugs and prayers to spend a little focused time with him before we start. Time and again, I have heard homeschool mom’s of many say to invest in the little ones first or you will never get anything done.


Memoria Press Preschool Core

So, we will be working through the Memoria Press Preschool program as needed for the Little Man-3. They include 10 focus areas in the lesson plans:

  • a book selection for the week
  • a prayer
  • calendar/weather observation
  • recitation (a bible verse)
  • an alphabet lesson
  • a number lesson
  • oral language & literature discussion
  • fine motor and prewriting skills
  • gross motor and coordination
  • and an optional enrichment activity

I don’t anticipate that we will do all the activities every day, but we will try to get to the important ones and the ones he is most enjoying or interested in. As a for instance, I will probably skip the alphabet & number lessons in the early weeks as we can already count higher than 10 and knows his alphabet — heck, he probably knows most of the phonograms from Foundations just by sitting with his siblings :).  But it will provide some one-on-one time with the boy so we can start school.


Song School Latin

While he isn’t technically required to do anything with this, we did Song School Spanish last year and he loved it and picked up quite a bit. I would not be surprised to find the same is true this year with Song School Latin.


And that is it.  A book, some singing and a few activities just for him, filling up his little tank. After that, the plan is that he and Miss Lady-6 will go off to play while Bookworm-8 and I spend some intense time in Essentials.

What do you do with your 3-4 year olds while homeschooling?

Jen S.

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