homeschool day 2015

6 am – The chatterbox is up. The boy is not. Hubby gets in shower while I slowly work up motivation to get up.

6:20 am – Motivation provided in the form of a request to “help me go to the bathroom.” Crawl back into bed & check email and FB. Get back out to brush teeth. Boy wakes up & nurses.

7 am – Take thyroid meds, shower & dress.

7:30 am – Warm up breakfast. Get worksheets for week for oldest (copy work, science) and start her on Math. Serve breakfast & eat at counter while helping oldest with her math. Got manipulatives from downstairs to help.

8 am – Decide to do circle time at table while waiting for slow little people to eat. Oldest works on worksheets while eating.

During reading, I get up to add applesauce to everyone’s plates, shush the chatterbox 3,448,235 times, tell both to sit 2429 times and “pause” for a potty break. While reading, my oldest brings over Carnival at Candlelight which is somehow related to St. Peter’s/Vatican/the Pope? It’s a mystery which is not explained even when I ask about it…

8:30 am – Diaper duty, put away breakfast, start oldest on catechism to catch up before I need to go to work. Empty d/w. Briefly wonder why boy is naked. Decide I don’t care since he is still in a diaper :).

Haven’t heard from sitter. That’s a good sign! She will be here soon.

Hang diapers, throw in kitchen linens. Turn hot water heater back on. Or off. I just know that the boy turned it all the way around.

9 am – Check the school work, get out geography & grammar, check HSO. Do the dancing raisin experiment from the MSB kit. Get book & nurse the boy before our sitter comes.

9:15 am – Take computer, water & phone down to my office. Work. Swap out two more loads of laundry. Got emails down to 40!!


Plus, I painted the faces on peg dolls for Easter baskets while talking to sales guy about our next drip campaign launch. I filed a bunch of documents on my computer, too.

12:15 pm – Went upstairs to warm up lunch. Picked up a little. Got vitamins for all. Interrupted to nurse in short order. Played 2 games of Candy Land with the chatterbox.


1 pm – Boy finally ready to sleep. Nurse him and read the Burgess Animal Book for science. Also did a lesson from First Language Lessons.

2 pm – Snack & mom break. Played Frozen FreeFall until I ran out of life, purged email, checked FB & Feedly. The oldest read The Bobbsey Twins next to me on our Kindle and chatterbox talked at me for a solid hour about a party she wanted to throw.

“God made me to plan parties. God made you to clean the book corner.” From the chatterbox. LOL!

3 pm – Boy woke up and nursed. Sisters mauled him, as usual. Apparently the stinky feet & nose tweak games never get old 🙂

4 pm – Started dinner, puttered on computer, cleaned kitchen/dining room, ran d/w. Served dinner. Read Catholic Digest while oldest read her new Frozen magazine. Got cookie dough from freezer to make cookies. Kids were busy playing.

5 pm – Unplugged toilet, washed hands, ate dessert. Waited for oldest to stop screwing around and eat. Went downstairs to watch VeggieTales. Not sure when hubs will get home and I’m about out of gas.


6:15 pm – Hubs gets home & I go upstairs to heat up his dinner. I got our new cursive folders ready to use tomorrow & installed a plug in on my blog. Then went back upstairs to refire–it was WAY undercooked :(. Did some paperwork & unloaded the dishwasher & cleaned up after dinner.

7pm – Hubs puts kids in tub. Bedtime routine for girls.

9pm – Boy finally falls asleep.


This was actually a pretty good day. There wasn’t a ton of crabbing, fighting, or temper tantrums. We got all of our scheduled schoolwork done except geography. This is what our school day looks like quite frequently. Small kid issues is the most variable piece. We operate on a block schedule for non-core subjects now and it’s working much better.

Our week looks like this:
Monday – mom’s group, ballet & co-op
Tuesday – science/nature study
Wednesday – composer study, art
Thursday – social studies/American history
Friday – history

So that is what our school day likes like in our classical, Charlotte Mason, book-inspired homeschool with a 7 & 4 year old and a 20 month old. Our preschooler generally gets her school time on Wed/Fri, when I don’t work or read quite so much :).

You can see past years here:

How about you?

Jen S.

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