I’m so glad to be paired with the lovely folks at SaintMail for this month’s Saint Picture Book Club again.  We got our October package a few days ago and I can’t wait!  Doesn’t this look lovely?  If you decide to give it a try, let her know that Happy Little Homemaker sent you ;).


As you can see, our October Saint is Pope St. John Paul II.  His feast day is October 22 and I have two books I previewed for this month.

The first, and my favorite, is Karol: The Boy Who Became Pope. Published by Neumann Press (now owned by my friends at TAN Books), Karol is a smallish hardcover that is really intended more for older kids, ages 5-10. It’s much more story than picture, but it’s a delightful story rich in the life of a young Saint.

Saint Picture Book Club October Pope John Paul II

The other book, again for older children is John Paul II: The Journey of a Saint. There are no ages recommendations but I would say 10 & up, as a guess. It’s a hardcover comic book that is a joint offering between Ignatius & Magnificat so it’s fabulously high quality. John Paul II is over 70 pages long and talks about his many trials, the assassination attempt, and how he attempted to change the church and the world. If you are big on church social justice & world politics, you will love this book. I still haven’t decided how I feel about it yet :). I may need to read a grown up book & more history to know if I like the approach.

I hope you will purchase one (or both) of these lovely books about Saint Pope John Paul II and join us later this month.

See you then!!

Jen S.

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