Last year, I shared what curriculum & books we planned to use during Kindergarten.   Though we took several months off school due to my health during this pregnancy, we got quite a lot accomplished.   Luckily, I’m from a state that doesn’t require record keeping or a number of days :).

Here is the curriculum that worked for us for Kindergarten in 2012-2013.



My First Catholic Bible

One thing I really like about this bible is it seems to use a fuller version of the bible than a traditional bible story book.   I don’t like that it skips an awful lot.   I also love that it includes a bible verse to memorize each week — one resource knocks two items off my list :).




Faith & Life 1: Our Heavenly Father

We got through about 6 chapters before I got busy nesting.   Since she isn’t required to start until she turns 7 or something like that, I’m not worried :).  She really likes to do it and I love the weekly hymn to learn.   The theology is spot on and at just the right level.  I only wish the teacher’s manual were available in a PDF format so I didn’t have to keep around such a HUGE book.



Logic of English Foundations A

This wasn’t one of the resources we started out using, but we used this more than anything else this year and Lil’ Bit LOVES it.   We will continue using it this Fall when we resume school, though I am hoping to get through the last few lessons before Fall so I can start with Foundations B.



MCP Mathematics Level K

While not my favorite resource, we did manage to get our way through the majority of it before the baby arrived.   We had to stop about midway through because my daughter just could not get the whole teens & twenties thing.   We worked almost exclusively on that for several months and then she GOT it and just blew past it.  In May, we were working on 2+ lessons a day again :).



Apologia Zoology 1

We didn’t get through a ton of this since we have been working on the core subjects and character training in preparation for the baby, but I’m hoping to work on more this summer and finish it by 2nd semester.



Story of the World – Volume 1

Again, we didn’t get through a ton of this due to the reasons above, but she adores it and wants to read several chapters at once.   We also used a supplemental study on Great Empires from Homeschool in the Woods that she loved.   I hope to be able to fit that in as well.


 What were your favorite Kindergarten resource?

Jen S.





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