This is the third attempt at homeschooling but since she is more than ready to handle all aspects of Kindergarten work, we are actually putting in the time and doing the work.


Each morning we read our devotion for the day from Blessings Every Day: 365 Simple Devotions for the Very Young and read a story out of My First Catholic Bible.   The Bible is automatically broken up into sets of 5 stories around a theme with a verse that gets memorized each week.   We review previous weeks verses as well.


For phonics, we are using Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading and for reading practice we use Little Books Set 1.    Later this year, we will use the Little Stories for Little Folks from last year either in addition or in place of what we are using now.   I think they might replace the Little Books when we are out of those–the first set has 24 books or so.


We are using Little Folks Letter Practice and Number Practice from last year, as well.  In fact, we are almost finished with Number Practice for Little Folks and we are halfway through Letter Practice already.   When we finish those, I think we will work on those letters that we are having trouble with and then will switch to Catholic Heritage Handwriting Level K (made to go with Little Stories for Little Folks).


For math, we are using the book we purchased last year – MCP Mathematics Level K.   She loves it and plowed through almost a whole chapter in one day last week.   I use it as motivation to finish her handwriting :).


After tackling the basics (reading, writing, and arithmetic plus bible reading), we have added in First Language Lessons for grammar practice.  We only do this twice a week.


We will be doing science, but I’m not 100% sure what or how often yet.  It’s on the agenda for September :).  I have tons of Nature Study resources I’ve collected over the years and I’d like to walk with the girls once a week.   I have also purchased Outdoor Secrets & Companion as well as Behold and See 1.   More on that in October.


Like Science, I haven’t decided on how often we will do this either.  I have a Beginning Geography book I purchased on Zulily a few weeks ago that I think Lil’ Bit will ADORE.   I also purchased Story of the World – Volume 1.


This will be added in this month, I think.   I purchased Faith & Life 1: Our Heavenly Father from Catholic Heritage Curricula, but it hasn’t come in yet.

Other subjects I’d LOVE to do would be Art, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation but I don’t know if I’ll get to those.


I’d also like to do a little tot school with Itty Bitty who will be 2 in October.   I bought a curriculum for Lil’ Bit called Hands on Homeschooling that I never used.  I might try with Itty Bitty.   It’s VERY hands on from what I remember and Itty Bitty is a very hands-on little girl.   Plus, she needs some direction while schooling with Lil’ Bit.  We’ll see if it can be juggled.

Want to know what we’ve bought that DIDN’T work for us?   Look for that later this week!

Jen S.



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