So, I have a bit of a binder addiction and I’ve recently decided to put my marriage back on Project Status, as it were.   Over the last year or so, I’ve been printing out awesome romance ideas, printables, articles and what not and they’ve been spread out ALL. OVER. CREATION.  No joke.  In the bedside table drawers, random boxes that need to be gone through, my project drawers, in with my mail and even in with the homeschool stuff!

I have bookmarked and pinned romance ideas all over the web, but I am one of those people who loves paper.  I came across several small piles of ideas and decided to compile them into a binder.    To keep it discrete (i.e. hubby would never read go through the shelf of binders), I used a regular 3 ring binder.  No spine title.  No cover.  Just…well, plain.  I even keep it at the end of the shelf where it’s kind of hard to dig out unless you know precisely how to shift the others to get it out.

Now I have a place for all the great ideas that I find worthy enough to print out!   Here are the sources for where I’ve gotten lots of my ideas:

You could also check out my Hubby Ideas Pinterest board for more ideas that are great for cheap dates, date nights in, or other romantic date ideas that work with little ones and no sitters!

Where you do you find ideas for keeping your marriage fresh?

Jen S.



Disclaimer:   This post contains affiliate links.

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