Date Ideas for Busy Parents-Giving Back

Usually in my Date Ideas for Busy Parents series, I try to share ideas for free, at home /for cheap, and for fun (with a bit bigger budget). This month, I decided to focus it a little differently.

The date night for busy parents theme for November is Giving Back.

Within that theme, I have a few ideas that will hopefully appeal to all sorts of couples.


If you & your spouse have more time than money and have family near by, this option may work well for you. Now would be a great time to do a little volunteer work. If you have family in town to watch the littles, you could snag a free hour to work at the community Thanksgiving dinner, or deliver a few meals to shut-ins.

Shop for a Cause

If you have a little more money to throw around, you could consider shopping for a good cause. Many churches have trees where you can buy gifts for needy children or families. You could sponsor a family or even buy coats, boots, hats & mittens for your community coat or boot drives. If you don’t have a ton of extra money, do you have extra items? Could you shop your home?

A Charity Event

Many communities have charity events, ranging from the simple parish festival to a black tie gala. If you have one of these coming up, consider making it your date night and help support a good cause.


Even a bad day here is better than conditions in most of the world. If you can’t find an appropriate venue for a volunteer date this month, I hope you will keep it in mind for when you do hear of something. If you don’t think your spouse will be receptive, just plant the seed. He may surprise you 6 or 12 months down the road!

Have you done charitable work on a date? What did you do?

Jen S.

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