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If you are anything like me, you probably give your hubby a list (or link) of what you want for Christmas. Or maybe you buy it and tell him what he got you because you found a fabulous, but still extravagant deal. Ahem.

If your hubby is anything like mine, he never wants anything unless its so much money it’s in that joint decision category. Or me. And that’s free :).

Last year, I showed you my hubby/marriage binder. This year, the Dating Divas (love their stuff!) have created 2 new products just in time for Christmas.

The first is the Year of Dates Binder. For only $7.95 you get a set of printables to make your own date of the month binder. Each one is super easy. Did you forget I have a 6-month-old? Yeah, still super easy. Each month has a theme, a date summary sheet & any needed printables.

Date themes are:

  • January- The Newlywed Game
  • February- Tied to You/ Couple’s Cafe
  • March- Nerf Wars
  • April- Knock it Outta the Park
  • May- Dollar Menu-naires/ Bedroom Value Menu
  • June- Car Treasure Hunt
  • July- Mall Dare
  • August- Book Store Date
  • September- Power Outage Date
  • October- Love on the Run
  • November- Spouse Sleepover
  • December- Reindeer Games

If you haven’t gotten your hubby a gift yet, this is perfect. All you need is a binder and you printer gassed up and ready to go. If you REALLY want to make sure you follow through, you can print, cut & assemble everything now so it’s ready to go. Not that I would do that or anything…


It took about 2-1/2 hours to print, put the binder together and cut & assemble the printables. With the aforementioned 6-month old. You might be able to work quicker :). Perfect as a last minute gift, you don’t even HAVE to get it all done before you give it to him. Just print the binder pages & dividers (also sold separately for just $2.97!)–everything else will remain a surprise! One of the best parts (for me), is that the dividers are not themed the same as the dates. That means I can reuse the binder itself each year with different date ideas! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I finished putting mine together while hubby was at men’s night downtown. I may even add a themed monthly lingerie or panty gift to go with each date.  The Dating Divas even have a free printable for a homemade gift of the month club.  We shall see what time & budget allow–I’m nothing if not (overly) practical :P*.

Q&E EBook - 1

The other ebook I pre-ordered and it was JUST released yesterday–Quick & Easy Ways to Rock the Romance. I haven’t had time to browse my copy yet, but if its anything like their other e-books, it will have everything you need to know to have a fun date on the fly.

It has ideas for all kinds of topics and each one can be done in less than 10 minutes a day! Sections include:

  • Just Because {Don’t wait for a special occasion to make his day!}
  • DIY Gifts {Sometimes the best gift of all comes from the heart.}
  • Intimate Moments {Spicing things up has never been so easy… or FUN!}
  • Creative Dates {Plan your next date night in a matter of minutes.}
  • I’m Sorry {Plenty of ideas to help break the ice so you can kiss & make up!}
  • Long Distance {Near or far, romance your man across the miles.}
  • Love Notes {Because everyone likes to find a surprise once in a while…}

I can’t wait to add the newest book to my love binder!


Mistletoe Madness Horizontal_2You can also get all their e-books as a set for 1/2 off, but just until Christmas! (Doesn’t include the binder, though).  I have all of them (and paid for most of them) and they are well worth it!


What did you get your hubby for Christmas? Was it practical or romantic?

Jen S.





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