In August, I suggested that you think about making your gift list and start shopping.   Last month, I shared about my Christmas binder.   This month, I want to talk about projects and crafts for the Christmas season.

Really, the purpose of these Catholic Christmas Countdown posts is to get the busy, frantic shopping and other nonsense out of the way so that during Advent, you can actually spend time crafting and creating and just spending time with your kiddos.    You can only work on projects and crafts if you are prepared, though.  Otherwise it will just be more stress on you because frankly, you can only prepare so much.  There will always be things that still need to be done in November & December no matter how much you plan in advance.

This month, I suggest that you take a look at any ideas that you pinned on Pinterest, clipped out and put in a folder, bookmarked, or just plain didn’t finish last year.   Pick 2 or 3 that you like the best and create a list of items you need to buy.  Take your 40% off JoAnn’s & Michael’s coupons and start purchasing items on your list.

This year I’ve decided to make some crafts from scratch.   I know.  Pray for me?   I’m going to make a set of felt ornaments for the 12 days of Christmas.   If I actually get them done, I will share directions/instructions here.   I’m also going to try to make these:


Source: via Jen on Pinterest


and if my 12 days ornaments are a complete flop, I’ll try these instead.



If you like to do craft projects with kiddos, this is a good time to pick a couple to do, too.  I like these:


Source: via Jen on Pinterest


This is totally up my alley, how about you? Do you have a cute, EASY craft idea? I’d love for you to share it!

Good luck on your creative planning for Christmas!

If you are interested in more daily Christmas tasks and having some fun this fall too, check out 100 Days to Christmas.  This ebook has DAILY Christmas planning tips starting 9/16/2012 and includes TONS of great ideas for enjoying fall with your family, too.   In fact, that’s my favorite part of the planner!  I was lucky enough to win a PDF copy this year, but last year I bought one for Kindle.   It’s well worth the $5!

Jen S.




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