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I am a planner. I love to plan fun activities, both as a family and for hubby and I. And I thought I had seen nearly every date night idea ever conceived. I was wrong. Not only did I find new date night ideas in $10 Great Dates, but they were cheap!

In $10 Great Dates, there are 52 date ideas for busy parents. That’s enough to keep you creatively dating all year long! They are broken up into sections–adventurous, out-on-the-town, at home, outdoors, romantic unique and even marriage pick-me-up dates. Each date idea is 2-3 pages and contains a short little story from one of the authors about this kind of date and the idea behind it. There are bulleted sections covering talking points as well as tips for before your date and ON your date. Finally, it ends with the Great Date Takeaway.

My favorite part of these date night ideas is the section at the end–the take away. I love how they tie in the creative date with the nature of marriage as a whole. For instance, on the Just Desserts date, they had this to say:

…Take this time to reflect together about all the blessings or “sweet things” in your marriage…After your date, you can take your gratitude list home…you may challenge yourselves to add one new thing a day for a week…

How awesome is that? It’s the date that keeps on going! I also like how they are cheap. If they had more “at home even with kids” ideas, I’d like it even more. There were only 6 of those, though several more could be tweaked.

$10 Great Dates is definitely a resource I’m going to use when filling our date night calendar for next year. We might be able to go on real dates again soon. The “baby” will be 18 mos at Christmas and is good for hours as long as it doesn’t interfere with nap or bedtime. If I had the energy, I’d start now :).

Do you have a go-to source for date fun with the hubs? Or do you do the same thing?

Jen S.

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