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It’s been awhile since I’ve shared our book basket selections. With the kids playing outside so much, our read-aloud time has dwindled. As it should!

But it’s really my favorite way to reconnect with them so we do a “tea time” in mid-morning or mid-afternoon (or both!). We have a snack, read & pray before going back to work & play.

summer book basket

This summer, we have been reading a few things. Keep in mind that I don’t read every book every day. We usually get to 3 or 4 before the snack has been consumed & the natives are restless. They are 7, 4, and 2.

Catholic Resources


The Story of the Bible – Old Testament
We received this to review from TAN Homeschool and we have been enjoying it. It’s a nice mix of bible story with Catholic commentary on the significance of the story. It’s intended for older children, but the accompanying teacher’s guide has extra activities. We haven’t done any yet, but it’s summer. I did pre-order the full New Testament set, though.

saints for young readers cover

Saints for Young Readers – Vol 1 (Jan-June)
Our oldest reads a saint profile to us at least once a week or so. It’s good practice and she reads aloud better than some 20 year olds :).

jesus calling cover

Jesus Calling for Little Ones
This was so awesome, I bought Jesus Calling for me. Great little book! But short. We already finished it :).


Growing With Jesus
Still plodding through this one. We really do like it, but since we don’t do it daily…


book house vol 2

My Book House – Vol. 2

This gets great reviews at the Read-Aloud Revival FB group and it turns out, I had it. Well, most of it. I hadn’t cracked one open though, but we are loving the stories & poems. Fun stuff!

linguistic development cover

Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization

This one I dug out because the girls were waxing poetic one day about swinging. I started to recite they part I knew and my younger daughter instantly ran inside to get one of our picture books with the poem. I decided to try having them memorize it and both enthusiastically agreed. Who knew?


safety comics cover

KidPower Safety Comics
I’m so worthless about teaching them safety stuff but my middle child loves this book. Summer is a great time to concentrate on safe people, getting help & tricky adults.

laying rails children

Laying Down the Rails for Children

So I’ve gone back to CM/classical homeschooling and am frustrated beyond belief with being a broken record / slave. I was able to listen to Sonya Shafer’s talk on this from the state convention and jumped for joy when I heard they published a “reader” of sorts to go with the character training. I bought it that day and dug out the book. Her talk really made it click with me and we are starting with Obedience for the remainder of summer :).



So those are the mom picks for read-aloud time this summer. They are the more educational and/or less twaddle-y ones that they would not pick up on their own, but enjoy nonetheless :).

Do you pick books, let them pick, or both for your read-aloud time?

Jen S.

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