Yellow, red, green and orange books piled.

Easing into school is always difficult — the weather is still nice, the other kids are still on summer break (we school year round) and frankly, we are still working on self-discipline :). All of us!! We spend the first month slowly easing into school.

Preschool – Month 1

For my preschooler, we are going to start with:

1. AM Notebook
2. PS Workbook pages (2-3)
3. Jr K book selection

This will be enough for her and she will love having my attention for a few minutes. We will add math, My Big World with Clifford, and letter of the week activities in September.

Second Grade – Month 1

This year we started out with school lite. I thought about starting the 4R’s but then decided to do the fun stuff first. And math. Always math :).

We started out with:

  • Math & math fact drills/games
  • Daily Geography 1
  • Daily Science 2
  • Vocabulary (Word-A-Day) 2
  • Handwriting
  • and finishing the 1st-2nd Summer Bridge Book

This will get her used to self manging her independent work. The next week, she has a College for Kids drama class, and we will spend a few more weeks on school light before we take a break. After that, I will add in Essentials, character, scholastic readers and the textbook science & MSB kits. And co-op :).

Notebooks and pencils

Do you ease into the school year? Do you start with the basics or the fun?

Jen S.

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