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Have you ever vacationed somewhere that Europeans visit? Have you noticed how they always look fabulous? I cannot tell you how many packing tips say things like, bring stuff you plan to get rid of and leave it behind as you go. Seriously!

Are you guilty of being a frump on vacation? I get frazzled enough mentally with 3 kids; I don’t want to send the impression that people shouldn’t have kids because I am frazzled AND haggard, you know? Here are 4 easy ways to fight vacation frump before you leave home so you can have a fuss-free vacation, while still looking good!

1. Shave

I am lucky enough to have slow growing, light colored hair. I do not need to shave every day. Before I leave on vacation, I make sure to do a thorough shave — armpits, legs, bikini. Not only is the bath relaxing after spending the day packing & prepping, but its really hard to do a great job in a dimly lit shower with no glasses on :).

2. Pedicure

If you are wearing open toed shoes at ALL, be sure to do a pedicure. If you are going to a beach or pool, it’s almost essential! Personally, I prefer a bright polish that contrasts with my most frequently worn shoes, but consider whether it is a work or play vacation.

3. Nail sticker mani

If you don’t do gel manicures, you might be like me and have your nail polish come off after only 3-4 days. Between diaper changes, wiping toddler bottoms, cooking and everything else, I’m surprised they last that long, to be honest. That’s a lot of hand washing! My best trick is nail polish stickers. I use Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish stickers. These rock because they last several days longer, are easy to pack, and almost impossible to screw up.

4. Cut or color

In need of a cut or color? Consider doing it a week or two before you leave so you feel like a million bucks! If you don’t have time, maybe try a new hair accessory or check Pinterest for a super quick & easy but stylish look. Master it before you leave so you can look put together in no time!



Those are my 4 tips for looking good on vacation by doing a little smart prep work before you leave. Especially if you are going abroad, you kind of represent all of us. Let’s look like we enjoy the life we’ve chosen :).

Do you have any vacation style tips?

Jen S.

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