I wrote a guest post for Heather, a fellow crew mate at the Schoolhouse Review Crew this week.   I had to snicker when she said that my house sounded like a fun place to learn.  When I read it last night, we were in the midst of learning character, new rules and hard consequences.   It was not a fun night!

Even so, I guess, I do try to find ways to make learning fun.   Here is how I do it…




So I have younger kids and if school gets too boring for two long, they start to revolt.  Really, though, who doesn’t?  Even my husband & I revolt if it has been longer than a year without traveling somewhere.  I think it’s human nature :).

Anyway, while these are tips I use to plan for “fun school” for my smaller kids, they are absolutely adaptable for older kids.

Check out all three ways that I plan to incorporate fun into our homeschool year over at Only Passionate Curiousity.   These tips are great for just incorporating fun into your home, too.

Jen S.

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