Well, most homeschoolers (and regular schoolers) are getting ready to wrap up the school year.   We are not :).

Spring Studies

We homeschool year round and seasonally.  What that means for us is that we switch from intense winter studies (because really, there isn’t much else to do) to slower spring studies in April or May, depending on weather.

Our spring studies go through June and for my oldest we are trying to finish the following:

Our Heavenly Father – Chapters 20-28
Bible Study 4 All Ages – Lessons 56-66

Math facts – addition & subtraction
Daily Math Practice 1 – Weeks 12-23
(Click here to see how I screwed up Math this year & will spend the summer making sure we are “caught up”)

Rhythm of Handwriting – finish lowercase letters
No reading — she has turned into a voracious reader and no longer needs prompting!  Woot!!

Behold & See 1 – Spring section – growing, plants, etc.

Beginning Geography – about 38 pages left to finish up the book.

WriteShop (a new SRC review item–so excited!)

Veritas History – New Testament, Ancient Greece & Rome (another new SRC review item — yay!)

Summer School

We take 4-6 weeks of most school around July and start back to school with Fall studies in August.  In order to not backslide, though a few things are required:

Review school (those items we are assigned for review with the schoolhouse review crew)

Bible Study 4 All Ages –  mostly because I want to finish up our current book (~20 lessons will remain after Spring school)  Both girls will be doing this in the fall and I’d like to start with the next book and different levels for both.  But she loves these so no worries.

Math flashcards (+/-)
Daily Math – Weeks 23-36 and/or CTC Grade 1.  We used the wrong level of Seton for months before I realized it.  We might do Math twice a day to get close to Grade 2 by September.  We will play it by ear; I don’t want to frustrate her.

Handwriting – Uppercase letters (ROH)

Behold & See 1 – summer pages.  Mostly bugs, animals & other nature study, I think.  Nothing big and only a handful of lessons, anyway.

First grade & summer bridge workbooks —  not all, but those things that we didn’t touch on.  For rainy, cold or otherwise bored days.

Anyway, that is how we are planning to wrap up first grade & go into summer school.


How Did Our Plans Change?

How does this differ?   Here’s what we were SUPPOSED to work through this year — First Grade Curriculum 2013-2014.

In summary, we had the following changes:


– still working through Our Heavenly Father for Catholic catechesis
– added Bible Study 4 All Ages.  Got to review & bought 2 more books.  Will have 2 doing in the fall.  Good stuff!


– finished Foundations A & B.  skipped C entirely.  She flew past it.  D never came out.  Finished Little Stories for Little Readers from CHC instead.


– dropped Saxon 1 after I realized in January that it was kindergarten level math.  Checking those boxes off, though. Ugh.
– Added CTC Math which I like (see review) but I want her to have her Math facts memorized, so we’ve paused that.
– Added some Daily Math Practice instead with flashcard drills


– dropped Apologia (Zoology & Chemistry)
– went back to Behold & See 1 from CHC.


– never got to.  Oops.


– finished Little Passports
– dropped Expedition Earth
– added Beginning Geography


– dropped Artistic Pursuits for much of the year
– added live art classes at a studio in town instead.


I love that we have freedom to change to what works for us as necessary!

Curriculum for First Grade {2013-2014}
Curriculum for First Grade {2013-2014}

Do you school year round?  How does your schedule look?

Jen S.



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