I am a huge fan of low or no prep curriculum. I have a third grade, a k4 and a two year old. In the summer, life is good. All three will play in the backyard quite a lot and I can do a little work without being interrupted. During the 7-8 months of too cold/snow, I really just don’t have time.

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I was so psyched to receive CTC Math last year. I tried two or three and hated them all. When I found out I was getting a subscription to the 12 Month Family Plan to review from the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was pretty excited.


About CTC Math

CTC Math is a subscription based online math program out of Australia. While the program has a lovely male Australian accent, it is very easy to understand and the measurement & money features do cover the US systems. Each account covers up to 5 students automatically and because they are big family friendly, you can add more if needed.

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CTC Math covers K-Trig but last I knew above Jr. High it was more of an extra tutor. Each grade is divided lessons by subject area and includes comprehensive tests making it easy to jump in from any curriculum. The lessons are less than 10 minutes each and consists of a short explanation and demonstration. After that, there is a set of up to 10 questions. The student can also do additional sets of questions to achieve a passing grade.

CTC medals

The student can also earn medals in each topic area and the score for this is an average of the last 3 attempts. Platinums are awarded for 100%, Gold for 95% and up, Silver for 75% and up and Bronze for anything over 50%. In addition, higher grades have worksheets, too. As of second grade, we have not yet encountered these yet, though.

As a parent, you can select the level at which a topic is considered passed. There are also tests in each area that you can use as a pre-test or end of section test. In addition, student certificates are emailed to you as is a weekly report. Further more, you can print a detailed transcript by grade or year from the parent portal.

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How We Used CTC Math

After our review last year, we continued daily math all summer in order to “catch up” since we lost 6 months. Our subscription ended in March but because we loved it so much, I purchased 18 months even though I knew it was coming up for review.

During the review period, my oldest finished up the last few sections of second grade. In fact, she was so excited to be done that she was blowing through 3 a day to be done. She was kind of bummed when I told her she needed to do another week or two :). Rather than start new material, I had her go back and redo a few lessons that she hadn’t quite mastered. She was able to easily pass them the second time around.

CTC questions

There were a few lessons where she just wasn’t quite getting it as presented on the screen so I got out some manipulatives to do the problems with and that cleared it right up. She catches on rather quickly so if she hasn’t passed in 2 tries, I sit with her and coach her through the third. Sometimes she just needs a different key, ya know?

CTC Parent Area


Overall, I am still in love with CTC Math & recommend it any chance I get. If you have a math lover who would do it all day, he (literary default here, folks) could go to town on this and blast through 3 grades in a year if desired.

You get access to every level all at once & can set up your own student accounts. If you run into any problems, they have great support and are super quick to get back to you. I never had any problems though. It was strictly an account question I needed help with.

CTC math is awesome for visual learners. And mom’s who don’t like teaching math. Or don’t have time. Or have large families. And because it’s Australian, it’s not aligned to common core, so if you are looking for that, this could be your answer!  It’s totally worth checking out!

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