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By baby number three, I seem to have all I need. In fact, most of these toys have been around since the first. Here are what we use & love.

1. Teething Ring

Every child is different. My first adored a wooden one from HABA. My second didn’t like them at all & my son loves this Lifefactory silicone teething ring.

2. Toy keys & phone/remote/mp3 player

The phone is always a hit. It could be because its one of the few “electronic” toys I allow in the house — most of them permanently reside in the car. We like these keys from Green Toys & most any phone/remote/music player like toy will do. I like the Little Tikes phones for babies–they last forever.

3. Crinkly things

There is a whole array of soft toys that crinkle if you wander through the baby toy aisle.  If you are the DIY sort, diaper wipe wrappers crinkle the best!

4. Rattles

Not your traditional rattles, but really any toy that makes noise when shaken will work great. It’s fun for them to learn cause & effect.

5. Something fabric

A Taggies lovie comes to mind. These cute little blanket critters do, too, and if they have something sticking out to suck on?  All the better! When they are first clumsily grabbing things to put in their mouths, fabric is forgiving. They can grab it easily and with both hands. It doesn’t fall as easy either.

6. A basket or bucket

When they are learning to sit, reach out or roll over, a bucket or basket to explore and pull the above toys out of is fabulous. I have both recycled items and new ones and both work equally well.

7. Activity Mat

It doesn’t matter if you spend $20 or $80 on this as long as stuff can dangle above them. Usually a mat will come with several toys & links. My two younger ones loved it! In fact, at 5 & 3, I have to kick them out so the baby can use it.

8. Hanging toys & links

Link toys are awesome for car seats and to swap out of the activity mat. Some toys are the right length, but others may need to be extended some. An extra package of links & a few hanging toys for the car to mix things up are helpful. We received this hanging toy in a Bluum box & it’s the Little Man’s favorite.


9. Randomness

Lets not underestimate the obvious. Plastic spoons (for babies), canning jar bands, plastic cups or bowls with handles are all great fun as well. I like plastic best for this age because while they are teething they can bite down pretty hard.


Do you have anything to add for a 0-6 month old baby?


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